Could we live on any of the planets in our solar system??? ( name the planet) Why or why not could we live there???

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    Most of them are too far from the sun for us to survive, or too close to the sun for us to survive.  We do need oxygen and water, along with food sources and energy sources, and those pose additional limitations. 
    I found this, which may interest you, in a search of habitable planets for us beyond earth:       


    Thanks a lot you are a big help!!!!

    You're welcome. You will find many helpful people here, Kayleigh_Cakes. We won't do your homework FOR you, but we can point you in the right direction.
    Actually, I have a poem to write and a test to prepare for...

    You’re answering all the questions the way I want to. I WAS trying to reword answers but I’ve giving up……..

    Julie, just do it! :D

    Probably not, b/c they don't have the right atmosphere or temperature; and many other factors. But, I'm sure in one of the other solar systems/ galaxys, there would be a planet that's just right for us........the Goldilocks planet.

    Because scientist don't know still yet.


    I learned more about it and there is lots of planets we could live on in our solar system!!! If you would look on some nasa websites you would get more info!!!

    I think not because no planet that we can live except for the living planet,Earth.But there is one planet that call Kepler 22b.It is a planet that is nearer in the Earth.The atmosphere is good and even oxygen.We can live there but Scientist will learn and learn until they will discover that planet so we can live there.Kepler 22b is not yet consider in our solar system.

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