how do i get a users manual for samsung galaxy s111

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    I got bored. Look through these sites > 

    We're a general question and answer forum. We're not really human search engines. The volunteers are here to share their knowledge not search for things you can easily use Google for. 


    Yes people, I've grown bored doing the same searches over and over and over again. Anyone with a better answer, please post it.

    thanks for nothing.   i have been thru these web sites already and all i get is requests to download software  for protection packages, etc.   have been thru this before and was a pain to get out of.  again thanks for nothing.   all i wanted was a manual so that i could figure out some features of the dam thing.   as it says you are a general question/answer  

    forum.   how general can we get???? where can i find just a simple owners manual without all the other BS


    go to the place you bought it and ASK them for the OWNERS MANUAL works for me

    Do you think we keep a stock of every manual imaginable? We do the same thing you do. We check the internet. Try looking for manuals every single day, day in and day out and do it for free. We get hundreds of requests weekly for owner manuals. Boring. Keep track of the manuals you get with items you purchase. Complain to Samsung. Tell them they should put the manual on the internet so you can find it.

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