I caught a boy that always look at me..he once gave me a that mean..he likes me?

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    Those are definately signs that he likes you ♥

    yes that's truly shows how he likes you he that's why he didn't just pops in you but for him taking time then you ended up caught him but he shows the main reason of that look.

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    Only if the gift was a sports car!


    Interpreting this for my own use, I'm guessing there is a boy you catch looking at you often and one time he gave you a gift of some sort. Without knowing what the gift was or the pretense for giving it to you (did he HAVE to give you a gift or was this a surprise offering), it's hard to give you a straight answer.  
    If you are interested, why don't you smile at him next time you catch him looking your way, and make an effort to speak to him.  
    Or, ask the Magic 8 Ball:


    maybe i should try it

    We used to play with that 8 Ball all the time when I was about in the 6th grade.

    You caught him doing what , looking at you. Sounds like a naughty boy.


    He was just being a normal boy

    Why didn't you ask him what the gift was for? After you caught him, did you let him go?


    Funny Clonge ... I gave you a thumb up. I hope it looks like that. : )

    Oh YEAH!!!...Are you dating yet...(4 MONTHS ON)!!!

    maybe he like you.But my theory is


    he afraid to say that she like you.Because that, he give you a present to show that he like you


    in short answer YES he does

    oi gente

    yes, he is because he was trying to figure how to surprise you but not that way he was first thinking but because you caught him then he realize that you will think he is a coward.

    Never console yourself  wait until he tells you

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