I've been looking up probiotics. Could someone tell me real easy what it is. Someone gave me gift cuz I'm taking antibiotics. What is it?

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    I'll try there. Mayo Clinic went over my head. We'll see.

    probiotics is an herbal type pill that's supposed to help you with your health problem. For example, if you have diarrhea often, instead of taking immodium, or Lomotil, ( chemicals ) , you could take acidolphillis. Works for me. And the live and active cultures in yogurt can stem the tide of some unpleasant medical conditions.So, that's a type of pro-biotic.. Multi Probiotic tablets are basically made out of dried plants. They can help replace some of your body's natural healthy bacteria, that may be depleted b/c of poor diet, or from taking certain anti-biotics; or  from travelers tummy ;or from food poisoning, ; or from overall poor digestive health. In the bible, the Apostle Paul said to Timothy " Take a little wine for thy stomach's sake" .......b/c Timothy was a young man that always had stomach I did when I was young. 


    I'm taking two antibiotics. One for oral surgery. On for an infection (not tooth related) They knocked me on my bottom. I slept all day AND all night. I felt like I was drunk. I'll see how they go. I guess they're very expensive.I postponed my surgery. Had to. Slept right through it.
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