Why the Oromo peoples sound in oromia or (Ethiopia) are hindden from the world?Why the Oromo peoples who are more than 45 millions Voiceses are hinden from the world wide??/ if the world wide ask ,where are thise population and Oromia is ,pls find US on the Horn of Africa, under Colonazation of Ethiopia.

    Why the world vito powers countries like Americans and Europians are not hiering the Voiceless Oromo peoples who were under the Colonazation of Ethiopia,(in Oromia) today?

    For how long Americans and Europian are going to help the ethiopian killers named him self ethiopian government?

    Thank a lot.

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    I know the USA has sent aid to the Ethiopians for decades and continues to do so. I can not speak for other countries. Other countries can not just declare war on a government because of the way they treat their people. We have starving and homeless people right here in the USA too. I would not want another country to just attack this country because my government does nothing to help these people. Sometime the people of a country have to take matters into their own hands instead of always looking to outsiders for help.  

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