I would like an e-mail-adress to you. The one I have does not work

    Dear Diane, Bob, or whoever recieves this mail!


    I have been in contact with BCI asking for support in getting in contact with bat people before.

    This time I have visited Sri Lanka. 

    I have photographed about ten spceies of bats. Four of them are det. Three I have a preliinary det. and three I can only guess. Besides I have about 75 recordings of bats in Sri Lanka. Some are recorded in the same site where I have also photographed the bats.

    I would like to get in contact with someone working with or studying bats in Sri Lanka. I have learned there are people at the University of Colombo working with bats. Sadly I did not get any e-mail-adress to any of these people. I would appreciate if cou could help me.


    Best regards


    Stefan Lithner

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    Hi Stefan, you have posted this letter to an pen forum called akaQA. This is a worldwide general question and answer forum. The members here are people who volunteer their time to answer random questions. I do not know where Diane or Bob are otherwise I would try to find an e-mail address for you to use. On this forum, we do not share e-mails. 

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