can u guide me how to start working

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    Prepare a resume, which will show your education and skills.  Find three people who are able and willing to be personal references for you; in other words, will vouch for your character.  
    Decide what kind of job you want and peruse newspapers, Craigslist, and the all-too-many job websites that are available.  
    If you do not have the experience or skills required, you will have trouble landing that first job.  You need to be willing to accept just about anything at minimum wage, and you can't be too picky about the hours.  
    A good starting point is as a pizza delivery person.  You are paid an hourly wage, sometimes get to take home pizzas that weren't picked up by call-in orders, and the tips are sometimes REALLY good.  
    If you don't have AT LEAST a G.E.D., you probably won't be finding work too soon. In that case, go to an employment agency, or a job help organization. For example, we have "Workforce Connection" here.  Good luck.

    How to start working as in getting a job? Are you at least 16 yrs old or older? 

    Here is a good guide if you want to work as a writer and write some abstracts. It is written by the professional writers both for newbies and advanced writers.

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