Have you ever had a garage sale

    Or a yard sale? Was it sucessful? What did you have to sell.

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    Funny thing is..When I typed this question the suggested category was "ROYALTY". Go figure?

    Hahahah. Maybe the queen needs to have a garage sale.

    I wonder if she would take 50 Bucks for the crown jewels?

    One of the supermarket "rags" has the headline "Royal Family Going Broke" with pix of the queen looking pretty haggard. A note about the $360million divorce of Camilla and Chucky, William and Kate pinching pennies, and Harry partying away a "king's ransom". Hmmm

    Yeah right! I wish I was that "Broke".LOL

    Same here.

    Gotta go collect the kids.'Nite Bob!

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       I'm a garage sale queen. Sadly though, I have not seen one garage sale since I've moved to the UK.  They call them car boot sales here which cracks me up!


    I guess in order to have a garage/yard sale you need to have either A:A garage or B: A yard.LOL
    Car boot sales are pretty common here too.Usually organised by some charity or other with a small fee for stalls.I s'pose you're still getting used to calling them boots instead of trunks.LOL
    country bumpkin

    Oh most definitely so! Things seem to to be on a much smaller scale here. Example: I would never stop at a garage or yard sale that only had a couple of tables full of items because they usually were not worth stopping for unless they were selling one particular item I'm searching for, so someone selling something out of the trunk of their car just seems odd to me. I'm not saying their is anything wrong with it, but it just seems odd.
    I'm also not used to the slim to none choices of food at the grocery stores. For example at our local HEB grocery store we had about 40 choices of canned vegetables and here we have about 10. I can find only one brand of popcorn here, no Jiffy pop or Orville Redenbacher etc.
    Even the paper towel rolls and toilet tissue are mini rolls.

    Wow! That does sound like it would be an adjustment.Even the items you mentioned there is an unlimited list of choices here.As for garage sales you would make a good partner for my wife.She can't resist them.She loves browsing thru other peoples junk.
    country bumpkin

    I'm in love with your wife, send her my way LOL...

    Tommy, do you say a woman with a hefty butt has more "junk in her boot" or "junk in her trunk"?

    We don't say either Ray.We say she is 6 pick handles across the a$$.

    bustieone: that would be "booty in her boot"
    Tommy: You don't actually say that TO the woman???

    In Michigan, men say " She's a real buck rack" (boobs ) I even heard a 4 yr. old boy that to his pre-school teacher. YOu know where he learned that.

    Of course not Bob.I value my lihe.LOL

    Good thinking, Tom!! At least don't say it loud enough for us to HEAR you

    Yeh, Tom i have had several Garage sales, it's a great way of getting rid of gear you dont want or need, and get cash for them, as they say, 'one man's junk is another man's treasure'. We have a massive Trash and Treause here at the last remaining Drive-IN every Sunday, i guess it is the same as a car boot sale, it is extremely popular.


    I'm finally disposing of all the remnants of my office equipment left over from running my business.(psst..YOU WANNA BUY A CHEAP FILING CABINET?)

    Not likely i got rid of one years ago, the funny thing i have noticed at garage sales is what i consider to be absolute rubbish is the best seller, so i don't bin it, i sell it. P.S. your filing cabinet would cost more in freight, than the cabinet itself. lol.

    I still have 6 filing cabinets to go.And you are right,the number of people looking for bric a brac that they can buy for 50 cents is amazing.So..How about a nice credenza with a matching pedestal or a nice corner desk?LOL

    Yes, a car boot sale. Have you heard of them ?When my daughter was in primary school every year the school would hold a car boot sale where you could fill your cars boot with items that you no longer wanted and sell them from the boot of your car on the school premises.You gave the school a small fee in which they benefited from. I did have a successful one, enough to buy a ceiling fan.


    As a matter of fact I went to a car boot sale last weekend at the local bowls club.The wife stocked up on some nice home grown vegies.

    never heard of that, but tail gate parties are a big thing here. It's something you do in the parking lot at a concert or a college football game.
    This is what I like about learn so much b/c it's international ; and it has a wide range of ages.

    A few. There’s a lot of work to it and almost not worth it. This is why God invented the Good Will…...


    I'm doing OK so far.I've picked up a coupla hundred bucks from stuff I probably would have dumped anyway.

    No, I sold it together with the house, to which it was attached.


    Yeah,yeah,yeah. That's an oldie.(But still a goodie :)

    yes. It is a good way of getting rid of stuff you don't use or want. Advertise ell and sell at bargain prices.

    The first one was by accident.  I was cleaning my garage and had taken everything out, swept the floor, and was rearranging shelves and putting stuff away.  Some people stopped their car and asked if I was having a sale. I asked them what they wanted, and it was something I had.  It didn't take long for me to draw a pretty good sized crowd and I think I made close to $100 in about an hour.  The next one was years later and 500 miles away.  So much stuff, we put it on a 20-foot long flat bed trailer and parked it in front of my elementary school, out in the country, but at a four-way stop.  It was successful, but wearisome.  I could have the sale to end all sales with all the stuff I have now, but there's no way to have one at this complex.  Occasionally I'll take a few boxes/bags of things to Goodwill or Salvation Army, and always get a donation receipt. I keep track of what I've donated, too, in case I itemize on my income tax returns.

    I don't stop at many, because I'd be stopping all day long, but DO enjoy them, as well as thrift stores.  ESTATE sales are becoming a big draw around here. My friend just bought a collection of water pitchers (will use them on the tables at her daughter's upcoming wedding reception), while another friend purchased some crystal decanters and ornate mirrors at the same sale.  THAT estate had 4 separate sales, each lasting two days.  WOW. Lucky for me I missed it.  Last one I went to I got a scroll saw, and a box of dominoes. Auctions are interesting, too....


    You never know what you will find at a garage sale.I must admit I have picked up some good tools at garage sales my wife has insisted on stopping for.
    Bob/PKB never know! One of my best finds is an odd plastic toaster (about 4" tall). When you press the toast lever, a piece of note paper shaped like a slice of bread pops up. Only a quarter; how could you NOT!!!

    I have so many tools collected that I know I will never use them all.Maybe I will have another sale & dispose of some one day.

    It's ironic how much stuff we buy at a garage sale or thrift store ends up in our own garage sale of thrift store donation... sigh

    Yes we did it once, it was an organized event in our village, everyone paid £5.00 to a local charity, and the local council advertised the event, anything else you made was yours . We didn't sell much after about the first hour, it poured with rain and was a complete waste of time.

    Even better is bundling it in boxes and drop off at either Big Sisters or Salvation Army, it helps employ people in sorting, cleaning, and selling it.   Plus it either is given or sold in their thrift shops, discounted for those with less funds available.  We additionally can make a tax deduction, if we please, from Federal Income Taxes. 


    I have taken 2 truckloads to the Salvos in the past fortnight.I never thought of it as a tax deduction tho.Hmmmm.

    I knew a man who said he'd give his wife the $ $  equivalent of whatever she could make on a garage sale. So, he could skip all the work. And they didn't need to have the sale. Ha ha

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