what is hell

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    Our local supermarket on pension day.

    A figment of some religion's imagination. (my opinion)

    Supposedly it is a place filled with fire and brimstone where souls who sinned but did not ask for forgives to have their sins absolved are sent by an angry God to suffer for eternity. 

    Or it could be just a really, really bad day. 


    ...why angry God sending to suffer for eternity? I thought you believe he is all forgiving. Change of mind? Supposedly amounts to your imagination! So is 'could be...'

    I think you need to re-read my answer. The God I mentioned is not the one I believe in. You imagine too much.

    sorry I did not know you meant the other God.

    I agree, it's a myth and I think it's origin was the churches attempt to keep the masses in check.

     Maybe hell is all the s- - -t  that happens to you when you're here on earth.

    LOL.    A  lot of these answers are humorous.

    Hell is death with no knowledge of the afterlife……...


    why is death hell and how did you know?

    Sawali, death doesn't have to be hell. It can result in going to heaven.

    It ain't a bad place to be >>>

    someplace where you are stuck, can't get away, and feeling the great pain of the situation.  i like colleen's answer, because that's the strict definition of hell. hope you avoid it.


    ...and how do you avoid it?

    The concept of reward and punishment (heaven and hell) makes sense to me because without that it would be unruly.

    i like what a teacher said, "try to live a good life, tell the truth, forgive your self and others when you or they mess up." Do unto others and Spike Lee said. "Do the right thing." & hopefully you will avoid the wrong thing including hell.

    The opposite of Heaven if you believe that. Like Christen prayer Our father in heaven.....

    If heaven is a reward for being good, hell is the punishment for being bad. Logically makes sense to me for how one must conduct one's self in this life by making a choice between good and bad.  


    Yes.....Everything has an opposite.

    They say hell is on earth it for people and children who are starving and all the abused animals to me this is HELL 

    Hell is a place, made up by man, to subjugate followers of a particular religion. If there is no hell, then there is no Satan and therefore no need for salvation. The bottom of the religion falls apart. Hell is significant for the religions survival. Witches don't believe in the existence of hell.

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