Do You Have A Reason To Believe?

    Even if it seems you are against all odds. Even with the disabilities you may have. Even in job seeking. Even obtaining a higher education. Even in relationships. Even in a down economy.

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    When all odds seem to be against my husband and I. My husband gave me a reason to believe, he said...I will always be there for you. I truly take him at his word!!!

    believe in yourself, you will surprise yourself when you do! ;-)
    I believe, in God, my country, my self, and LOVE.
    Headless Man

    Didn't say I believe in the leaders of the country, but I do believe God did help establish this country.
    Grit Savage

    "I do believe God did help establish this country"

    interesting belief Randy, how did this transpire? ;-)
    Headless Man

    Why would you ask that Grit, God is first in all I do.

    Yes, there are reasons all around that encourage me to believe.  Just looking at the flowers in my front yard, opening the door to let my dog in (ALWAYS bounces in with utter joy...quite the bounce for 96 pounds), hearing a song on the radio, looking at a picture of my sons (once so little and now all grown men), waking every morning to LIGHT (it was DARK when I went to sleep).....all this and more....I believe. 

    "those who are well have no need for a physician, but those who are sick.i did not come to call the rightous but those who are sick, but sinners to repentance!mark 2:17 right now i'm in the emergency room of life awaiting treatment. yes i beleive treatment (christ)will be here soon!
    Yes God gives me reason to believe every breath I take that he gives me......
    Everyone has a reason to believe I mean that is why we are on earth but everybody is here for a reason.

    On Rod Stewart album Sing it again Rod

    Yes. We are here are, are we not?

    Your sister,

    There's alot of evidence to make one beliv there's a God.Even your own flesh & Blood makes you wonder who created its originality.I think we should worship & beliv in the Creator of our own flesh & blood,the giver of the very breaths we take in & out without much comprehension but only as far as science can go

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