My dog destroys the bin everytime I leave my house. How can we teach him not to do that?

    He doesnt do it when we are home.

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    Put the bin somewhere the dog can't reach.

    A random guy

    We don't have that possibility because the bin is too big and it would otherwise stink in the living room.

    How about in the garage or shed?
    A random guy

    We need a big bin near the kitchen for all the waste of the cooking and living room. The garage is at the other way of the house. Putting it out of reach isn't really an option.

    The bin is not the problem - he will find something else if is not there - chewing the sofa might be a good idea - he has realized you do not like it and wants you to help him out with the stress and anxiety he is feeling. How about having you bin without attractive smells.

    It's boredom that's causing it. Give him something else to do.

    He will never destroy your bin when you are at home. He does this because you are not there - there have been many programmes about dogs being left alone especially for long periods of time - having cameras put in the home to film their behaviour. 85% of dogs in the UK suffer anxiety and stress disorders from being left alone and very often while their owners are at work all day. It was so distressing to watch their behaviour - going around in circles, howling, wrecking the place etc. Do not shout at him for this - tell him he is naughty and make sure he knows what you are relating to. He also needs to be rewarded for good behaviour. I am not sure how long you are leaving him for but there are people to help - i.e. dog walkers or behavoural therapists which I am sure you are aware of. He is showing you how he feels when you are not there this being just a small demonstration.

    I gather the trash bin is on the inside? Take out your trash before you leave and leave behind a clean can that will be unattractive to your dog.  You shouldn’t be leaving trash inside your home for any length of time anyhow……..

    Install a closed circuit t.v. and let the dog know he's being watched. In the alternative, training might help, but it's a long shot. The dog misses you; that's why he does it. 


    The t.v. circuit is for the owner not for him - he could care a toss if he is being watched and wouldn't even comprehend that - that's the least of his problems and he doesn't think that way anyway.

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