I have heard that Dance is now considered a sport. Have I missed it in the Olympics?

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    My husband was looking over my shoulder. He knows I want Dance to be part of the Olympics. He said, "If Dance was to be part of it, it would be in the Summer. All the other sports involve ice and snow."

    Yes they are trying to gain Olympic status for Dancesport now itsmee so your wish may come true sooner than you think...

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    It was very good itsmee,

    lindilou um....what the heck are you up to here young man?!! Not that it's any of my business dear Hector with a capital 'H' but... wot "was very good itsmee"? (La-laaaaaa-a-a-aah!)
    Meanwhile...listen to this, I mean Den....

    That was one nice song lindilou,

    lindilou: boo hoo ... I remember the first time I danced to that. The first line even. It was a cool down to aerobics. After that, I tried to sing along to it and did ok. Tonight, I couldn't even get close to singing it. Elderly pipes? lindilou? It's such a beautiful song. Do you think voice can improve with practice? Other things can. Singing used to be sooo easy for me. Dang! The first time I heard it was maybe 20 years ago
    Yes, Hector ... Beautiful song. One of the most beautiful.

    Ice dancing is part of the winter Olympics.

    Personally I've never liked dancing with ice.


    I'd like to see acrobatic floor dancing with modern day music. I heard on Dancing with the Stars that Dancing was to be considered a sport....

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