Today is Sunday. Are you a regular church goer?

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    It's Saturday here in the USA. No, I never go to church.

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    Still Saturday here in Bonny Scotland, and no, I'm not a churchgoer.

    It’s a lazy Saturday where I am and no, I’m not a church goer. God knows where I am and we talk frequently………..

    I have been sporadic through the years, mostly not regular.  This year, I am determined to find a church where I am comfortable and content, joining in fellowship on occasions other than "Sunday".  So, yes, I am a regular church-goer, as of January, 2014.  Very happy about having TWO churches where I am comfortable!

    tabber, you go first, Suzie Q

    After that we will all share our weight?    : )

    I would be a regular church-goer if European football matches weren't televised every Sunday morning in Canada. Hey... I don't control their schedules.



    same with people who want to play golf or watch NFL, or want to watch some of the preachers on TV, like Jack VanEppe, or John Hage, or Joyce Meyers ,or Joel Olsteen.
    digger evangelists are all tax-cheating crooks. I wouldn't dial them on my tube if they were handing out $1000 bills.

    It's Saturday here still, I don't go regularly, but we do go now and again for special services, like remembrance Sunday, Christmas Carols, and services like that.Special occasions really.


    That's what you call a C and E Christian

    What does C & E stand for in your part of the world mcm ?

    no offense meant, Sunny, but it's a Christmas and Easter Christian ;-)

    Oh I see mcm. I'm not offended at all, I just wondered what it meant, because over here C of E means Church of England. Yes I should go to church more, I am a believer.

    I serve God and I am not sent to church anymore. I must have had enough of that or vice-versa. 

    I go about once every 10 years.


    will you be a long time in the cofession box,when you go next time then,??????

    Funny funny funny, Hector!

    Just thinking about that hector, it's about time I did my 10 year confession. Only problem, our priest retired recently at 85 years and a replacement can't be found.

    Yeah, 10 years is about how long it takes me to accumulate 1 or 2 sins. Finding a priest who comits less is the real challenge.

    Well,it's Tuesday here and even if it was Sunday I wouldn't be going to church.


    I want to go every Sunday, but I don't make it very often.........b/c I 'm not a   morning person. I tend to sleep thru the alarm clock,or turn it off  thinking I'm getting up now and then fall back to sleep, not knowing that I am falling back to sleep. If I do manage to get up at 9am, that's the middle of the night to I feel kinda sick all day. Sometimes I get up a little late, and get to church  1/2  an hour late. It's better than nothing.  I feel it's important to worship God in church, b/c God watches over us all the time, so we  can give him at least just one hour a week.

    If they would schedule church in the afternoon, they would get a lot more people coming in.


    that's the funniest answer. i'm not a morning person either.

    Glad you read and liked my answer, Tabby. From one non-morning person to another.

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