Do you still believe in Global warming ?

    Do you think it was a money grubbing scam ?  Al Gore got an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Nobel out of it.

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    Al Gore deserves a medal for telling / showing what's happening to the planet, what other proof do you want, before it's the point of no return.

    dude, this is the coldest winter we've had since the 1800s and the most snow.

    'Ignorance is bliss.'

    That's the point. The earth has seen all this before. Just because you were not alive for it to know doesn't mean it's time for everyone to turn into chicken littles just because "Al said so". One thing I can tell you for certain BM is that I am not ignorant. I do check into things and I do move beyond what one person has to say. I trust more than just man.

    Thumbs up,Colleen.

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    I think it is a bit of a problem, but not as bad as they say. A lot of companies and governments are making a lot of money out of it. They are using it as an excuse for increasing taxes and fuel charges, that's immoral on it's own.

    Never believed it for a minute, this is what our little planet has always done, it changes from millennia to millennia, nothing wrong with that, I suppose it won't be nice to live through another ice age but I doubt I'll be around when that happens.


    Me neither, we will be kicking up the daisies long before that .

    Yes, It's a cyclical thing. And God knows what he's doing.

    KOTF it only took 10 [yes ten] years for the last iceage to happen ! DUDE!! TEN YEARS!!

    Yes we have the start of global warming, look around at all the natural disasters, extreme floods in Britain, and Europe, Extreme cold snap in Nth, America, Volcanos in Asia erupting after being dormant for hundreds of years, unheard of record breaking summer in Australia, a person would have to have their head in the sand not to know the world is going through a change, forget politics , this involves all of us, otherwise our grand childrens, children might not have a planet as we know it, it is amazing what greed and ignorance can do!


    Change yes, like it's done in past history of the earth. The earth is tilting on it's axis again. This will disrupt weather patterns, water and land masses. I look beyond the hoax of global warming to find out what's really going on. All the ice masses that Al claimed would melt is actually growing larger. A person with their head in the sand does not look any further than the money generating hoax in my opinion. Much of what Al Gore claims has been proven false just by time alone. He's become someone to laugh at here in the States.

    I don't know what news or doco's you watch but down under we are shown the melting of ice at both poles is getting larger each year causing de-salinisation which is the onslaught of global warming, this is different to the past because of man's intervention use of technology, and 'Greed' as i said previously.

    I've read a lot of articles and studies over the past 2 years. I did not save the pages and it would probably take a bit of searching to find them now. I still stand by the earth shifting on it axis. It's the one thing the government denies which make me believe there's more truth in it than they are willing to admit to. I give it two more years of global upset (weather and earth) and then everything will settle again, and all areas of the world will know their new weather patterns and eco-environment and the idea of global warming will be a thing of the past. I believe the shifting of the axis is meant to be, that it's a way of the earth renewing herself.

    Volcanos are caused by global warming ? It's pretty hot down there under ground anyway.

    That's true, Colleen.I heard on a scientific show that the earth has tilted a little off it's axis. The great planner/ engineer knows what he's doing.
    I know some people who are a little off their axis too ;-)

    Bulletman I am with you on this discussion I wish I was wrong I think the world will not be like what we are use to here in the uk we have had floods and floods violent winds we have had the worse weather in over a hundred years and they say we have more to come people since Christmas are still flooded they can't keep it under control really bad x

    Hi Mel, i have been following the floods on the news, unbelievable, England having floods and Australia is on the verge of a drought, South West Queensland has not seen rain for two years.

    Bullitman two years is crazy those poor people and animals yea I'm really lucky I'm in north and on a hill lol we have lots of rain but nothing like those poor people in the South they are still under water we are coming into march next week this has been going on since December xxx

    I think we're getting climate change and global warming mixed up. They are 2 different issues.

    I did yesterday afternoon and a couple of days last week. This morning...not so much. a comfortable 24C. Ask me again anytime next January or February.

    Still? I never did believe in it. Yes, it's a money grubbing scam. If it weren't Al's footprint would not be the size of Las Vegas, if not larger by now. 

    Sorry guys I do BELIVE this it's because of man greed you all know why and what greenhouse gas etc pollution from factories over farming cars we are all to blame in one way or another the carbon foot print and we will all be pay for it soon x


    There have been many studies from the opposing side that prove we do not leave a large enough footprint to make the impact Al and others are claiming. I still maintain the "greenhouse effect" is an over blown hoax to make money from. We are actually heading for a better time. We have a new energy coming that will be a clean energy and free for all to use. That's why they are using this global warming scam to get rich from now before they lose all the revenue from selling us energy. Wait and see.

    thumbs up, Colleen. Yes, we are using wind turbines in Michigan

    Colleen I wish I could belief you on this and hey I hope i am wrong 100% wrong I know what you are saying I did watch the al green and I don't trust any Goverment ever but a lot of other org are saying it to and they are nothing to do with Goverment oh I would love to wrong on this so much x

    Mel, you know me. I do not waste my time believing the unbelievable. This earth has seen weather like this more than once. Growing up in the 70's we were dumped on every winter. We had record breaking snowfalls and blizzards galore. We has such harsh and sever winters that the scientists then believed we were heading for an ice age so what did the government do? It began seeding the atmosphere to warm up the earth's environments. They built a machine called HARP to try and control the weather. They have been using it ever since. Can this be proven? Perhaps in time when we get the liars out of control. The earth is shifting on it's axis. Man is messing with the weather. It's not global warming due to the green house effect because of pollution and all of Al's other claims. The earth is not going to end. Everyone can stop hiding under their desk. The sky is not following. ;)

    Nope ... just CLIMATE CHANGE as a naturally occurring sort of phenomenon!

    Absolutely!  It's fascinating that most of the scientist have laid research info out and people still think its a scam. People all over the world are being flooded or droughted out, and they are marching and pleading with the world to get these gases under control and we silly people in america think its a hoax.  I guess its going to take everybody to experience fires and floods and tornados and 15 inch snow in their neighborhood, to see the picture, and the point.


    We have the 15 inches of snow in our neighborhood, and it's been the coldest winter since the 1800s .

    I'd like to know how global WARMING causes extreme cold weather and lots of snow. Sounds like an ice age, not a planet warming up.
    terryfossil 1

    can you explain Colleen answer Tab..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Check the facts guys,,the planets temperature has not gone up in the last 18 years..there is a lot of evidence out there to prove it is a hoax,,but while ever people believe it,other people are gonna get rich,, always nice talking guys and gals..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Yes,I believe in this.Its true...

    yes,i believe in this because of nature,forest combustion

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