how to change an oil filter on a transit van

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    The oil filter wrench has a handle with either a canvas loop you fit over the filter body n adjust till tight,other type has chain and is better. The body will be slippery n very hard to unscrew by hand.Filter easy to find it at side of engine block at least halfway down and prob back towards g/box.When you first run engine to warm oil at the start it good idea to treat it with engine flush which you can buy at same time as oil n filter.Simply pour contents in oil filler n let engine up to 30 mins.This'll remove lot more crap than just draining the oil.Locate drain plug at start,it'll tend to be towards edge or corner of sump.Place tray under sump before takin plug out but remember oil wi pour out not just run so put tray off to side a bit to catch it
    Heres general guide as not been near a transit in years.What you'll need ~ filter,filter wrench,5 litres + new engine oil,jacks or ramps n various tools.Think transits FWD nowadays thou majority RWD,this just effects the layout not the general job.Really changing filter without doing oil change so first thing run engine for 10~15 mins get oil warm n runny.Switch off n locate sump at bottom of engine,the lowest section n find plug.Be bolt or recessed bolt wi allen key head,unscrew rite out n place drain tray under it.may take 5 mins to drain oil out fully.Filter like large can screws into side of engine.Fitted hand tight but real hard to move after time.Use wrench or knock screwdriver thru side to give you leverage to start it turning then remove.On new one be rubber ring round face that sits against engine.Smear the ring with fresh oil n screw new filter on as tight as poss by hand,no more.refit drain plug,fill engine wi fresh oil.job done

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