Another stupid teenage prank. When are people going to learn that if you commit an act of

    vandalism, the person or people whose property is damaged, might go "off the deep end"?|maing15|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D443847

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    Just reinforces my argument for gun control.Should that guy have had a gun? He obviously couldn't control his temper which would make him inelligible for gun ownership IMO.

    IMO, there is a difference between prank and vandalism -- But in either case, violence is not the answer.  Today we live in a different society, when I was young, we plays lots of pranks on friends and even on people we didn't know, normally, they would get mad but this would immediately turn to laughter because we never destroyed property or pranked someone that would hurt them as a person.

    Today, we have people walking up behind strangers and knocking them out with a punch, usually older people or people that can't fight back.  We have street violence, we have more criminal activity today than ever. Regardless of what the left media reports that crime is down, this is BS.. We have more people now with no jobs, no proper upbringing, no respect for elders or any authority figure so its naturally going to manifest itself in violence and crime.  Sick world, sick society and its all because 'we want them to feel good about themselves'.  What they need is a good butt kicking and a goal to reach. Giving to them and rewarding them for failure is not even common sense, even chimpanzees raise their children better than some humans. Give an inch and they will take a foot. why not?? When I was a kid, I got knocked around like a soccer ball when I did wrong, I did chores, I was taught respect. More than one slap across the face. I never went to jail, yet these people brought up in this gentler PC world end up on the streets or in prison.  Where's the guilt for this?? When will these people learn 'spare the rod spoil the child.'.  Our children have been raised this way for 4.5 million years, now all of a sudden human child rearing instinct is wrong, and they wonder why our prisons are full and there's so much crime going on..

    Wait until you need a doctor to save your life and the doctor just happens to be the worst student and constant failing grades at the medical school but passed because of PC reasons,' we want them to feel good about themselves'  so they passed them on with a degree in medicine, and this just happens to be your doctor that was assigned to save your life.     

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