I know of a woman who woke up with a rat on her chest. Her husband was out of town. My daughter asked her if she wanted to spend the night at her house. She declined. (Too hard with three little kids)

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    Her husband came home two days later. He caught it. What would YOU do? Me ... I'd find a safe motel. No matter what the cost. I'd call the rodent patrol. (If such a place exists)

    Just read the thing about Weils disease! I wonder if this might be a happening thing at the Olympics. They are complaining of tainted water! And jeez! The red eyes of Bob Costas! Too Gross!

    I'm with itsmee. If I couldn't find the rat to kill it, I'd get the he- - - out of there and go to a friend, or to a motel. That is.........if I didn't have cats. Being that I have cats, a rat wouldn't stand a chance of getting in my room and up on my chest.

    My cat would be overcome by a rat. She would run and scream. I know her. You must have strong, muscular protective cats.

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    I’d start sleeping with the cat and hope he’s not fond of bringing me presents………...


    Oh Julie ... Ha ha ha ... Maybe that would be our time to become Cat Ladies. Six cats? Seven?

    I wouldn't be overly bothered by it. I sure wouldn't flee my home because of it.I have had pet rats in the past, they are adorable little creatures. I also have half a dozen rats in my freezer kept for feeding my snakes. 

    Rat traps or a cat will solve the problem.


    @@ Oh my.

    Wow! Can a cat kill a rat? I hope your pet rats are not snake food? Oh I know they aren't but some people may wonder!!

    I wonder....actually, clu... I know.

    but python,rats are dangerous, b/c they can bite and cause rabies or other diseases.

    I'll answer for PL. The rats would be deceased before they were put in the freezer. The pet store would take care of that. I think & hope.

    So....Hubby caught one rat? There is never ONE rat! What about Mrs.Rat & all the kids?


    And all those relatives!

    Exactly Roy.

    If there's one there a hundred. Eeeeeeeeee!

    I keep doubling my comments. I didn't mean to. This Mac is really touchy ... or something.

    If there are a hundred she's in BIG trouble Susan.

    Maybe not 100.But you can count on a few more,that's for sure.

    99 then!

    Give it 3 weeks then add a zero to that number S.

    Yes & there is a good chance your friend will catch the bubonic plague & the health dept. will have to burn her house down just like they did back in the middle ages.

    Don't forget the Weils disease Tom, THE WEILS DISEASE!

    OK. I'll bite.What's that?

    Poor Susan! I think we've put the fear of bejesus in her now.She's gone all quiet.

    PS: I checked Weil's Disease. It ain't good.

     If a rat was on my chest when I awoke I would never live to tell the story!!  I have heard stories of rats chewing infants faces in some slums from burped milk!  Nay I would be GONE with my kiddies!!


    I would never survive it. I have not spoken to the woman who had the rat on her chest. My daughter says "She fine. fine. Just perfectly fine." (That is a load of bull-oney!!!!)
    I've heard about the rats chewing on infants faces too, @@
    Oh my! How did we get to where we are.
    PS Look up Weils Disease that ROMOlS told us about. Might as well get really creeped out.

    Now it is TOTAL FREAK OUT!

    : / Oh, I know!

    Yeuggh!..After my encounter with a rat I picked up in broad daylight on a road in Notting Hill..( not my ex-husband)!..(Thinking it was ano type of baby injured creature,about to be run over by an oncoming bus)!..and being badly bitten x3...spending the remainder of the day in Minor injuries having every jab/shot under the sun..I wouldn`t go out of my way to share a bedroom/any other room with any of it`s immediate family or friends!...The rat was far more frightened of me..(Says it all)!:-0...but I`d definitely vacate...maybe leaving the children to deal with it this time!LOL..(Mother of the Year)!;-)

    Ooooooh Oooooooh Ooooooo .... Never again do that, sweet girl. You learned your lesson the very difficult way. Yup Yup, You're a mom. Your kid lets need to learn their lessons.

    Sometimes when I tap things out I'm afraid people will not think I'm dead-on serious.... you know.

    There are so many cats in this residental area that mice and rats are mostly consumed by the time I see it. Chickens will attack mice and rats visciously. The English bred a line of small dogs named Rat Terriors. They hunt and kill mice and rats in large numbers. They have been used ti kill mice and rats in Calcutta India for years. When I read about this as a child, the owners of the dogs used them to hunt rats and receive a small reward for each rat they turned in dead.       


    Rob..are you English?..I`ve never asked where you`re from?:-? xxmillie

    Are rat terriers still around in the US. I've heard the name before. Do the Rat Terriers sometimes get bitten by a rat and die? It sounds like a dangerous job job for a dog.

    Most farmers here in England have a terrier or two , they can kill a rat quicker than a cat, I seen them do it it's unbelievable how fast they are. A neighbour of my brothers woke with a rat on his chest a few years ago when he lived in London, I think London is infested with rats, they had black rats roaming around , right up until the 60's.

    Black rats are far more prolific than other breeds of rats; they also carry more diseases. Only chickens are comparable in their furtility rates and evolved this charasteristic in China thousands of years ago during the fruiting of a bamboo that is native to China. This bamboo only blooms in 28 year intervals, so its a rare event. The effect of that fruit on reproduction is still being studied. It last bloomed three years ago.

    RATS! Furry little vermin! Git the Broom itsmee...but first ya hafta get down off the table honey...LOL

    So here's my 'Rat ' story....when I was way littler than I am now (wot?) in the prairie province of Saskatchewan...I had to go to the washroom in the middle of the night and being little(r) had to shut the toilet lid, then climb up on it to switch the light on and when I got back down and lifted the lid there was this great dark bloated belly-up'd monstrosity of a drowned Rat king of the pack sized RAT from the Rat Pack!...there it was...floating round in the toilet with beensy eensy me staring with saucer eyes, my mouth in the shape of an 'O' as I began to make this sound rather like a freight train in the distance at first evolving into a like a howling prairie wind mixed with maybe a wolverine (what do they sound like anyway?) or a bobcat maybe...even. took a long time before I was able to go to the lou without dragging my semi-comatose sister with me...sometimes she was still in her blanket so I'd just slide her out of bed and down the hall. I think we had a cat at the time of the rat...but he was well fed.


    Oh oh oh! No no no! I'm all chills and shivers. I feel like making your howling noise.EEEEEEEEEEEWAAAAAAEEEEEOOOOOO! I see this story in my mind's eye. The rat is evil and ugly but now he's dead as a door knob. (Door knob? Door nail? .... whatever just dead and gone. Do you feel me patting your back? pat pat pat ... Sleep tight don't let the ... never mind. : )

    LMAO...I almost choked on my chocolate...dang varmints!....there was a song where the guy made a noise like a freight train..and a foghorn and something like dynomite!! THAT'S the noise! LOL

    I'm good, huh? : O


    Doncha love it! It popped in my head as soon as I read...'I'm good huh?"...she's got it...yeh baby!

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