What would you spend money on first..then aftrer if you won the lottery?...(hypothetical ? As I INTEND TO WIN IT TONIGHT)!!!lol

    I would do all the shallow buy an amazing holiday home e.g St.BARTS/or MED...But I came home via Paddington stn,ldn today..and so many homeless under the bridge...would love to sort out poverty and end homelessness if that`s going to happen..I`d invest a lot for kids futures and buy some a new wardrobe at Harrods..way in..n Harvey to friends...but what would be your prorities???

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    Itsmee..No..I`ll go for two of our terrible kittens for now..I didn`t much like that picture either!;-) xxx

    OK! Your kittens ARE cute. But ..... Oh, never mind. : ) xxxx

    O.K.Its..just for you..ugly mugly pic returning asap!..Compu running so slow shall sort A.M!

    O.K.Its..just for you..ugly mugly pic returning asap!..Compu running so slow shall sort A.M!

    O.K.Its..just for you..ugly mugly pic returning asap!..Compu running so slow shall sort A.M!

    O.K.Its..just for you..ugly mugly pic returning asap!..Compu running so slow shall sort A.M!

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    I would pay of all debts ie mortgages bills blah blah etc etc and do it all online then sit down with a large islay single malt whisky (12 - 18 yo) and just bask in the knowledge that i owe nobody anything at all for the first time in my life! thats what wealth feels like, the rest of it is just playing with cash! ;-)


    Fab answer!! out of tu til am!

    First I would Incorporate, including the names of my children in the corporation so that we could collect the winnings as a group. Then I would pay off the homes of my kids; then I would give brothers and sisters something, probably cash, and for my grandchildren I would set up trust funds, and for my niece and nephew some cash even though their father is a millionaire. I would then check in to a spa and not come out until I am lean, tan, and healthy. Beyond that it's travel with the hubby.

    MILLIE333 ur answer..look after the family first!;-) funds so the kids can`t blow the cash and can gain interest on it!..I may well join you at the spa!;-)...I`d take the financial advice the lotto offers many people don`t! harm in at least hearing them out!..i`d put the kids in an orphanage and travel the world!!LOL...ONLY KIDDING! xx


    Wow, looky who peeked in! Hello Winfia! I didn't think we'd ever see you again. Welcome back! Hopefully we will see more of you?

    I thought I recognised that name too.Hi Winfia! :)

    Millie: I like the other picture even better, cuteie.

    O.k...its o picture it is then!..Hate all my pics..shall change it when I get back from walking the kids and the dog! XXX

    Millie ... but I still like the idea of having a photo of YOU. Maybe I should have just left well enough alone. : /

    winfia: Wonderful, unselfish comment. You are great.

    Just put enough away so that I didn't have to struggle along anymore. Then share most of the remainder with family and friends, and give a fair chunk to the animal rescue. Listen up you will hear me shout if I win it.


    oh no..a third best answer!!...just mot to worry re bills..and cold here..have the heating on 24/7...shall sort out the bills not going to worry re them now...we need heating!:-0

    ^ 5,Sunny

    ^5 sunnyB : )

    I Would by Copanhagan Zoo,to stop the uneassary killing f baby Graffie's


    AWWWH..that`s real!..WISH I could have two best answers!!:-) XX..That is really shocking practice!!!

    They do that!? That's terrible! Even the killing of adult giraffes is terrible ! Thank you , Hector ,for fighting for the welfare of animals.

    There seems to be absolutely no end to human stupidity and cruelty.

    You are kind, hector. <3

    I’d buy a house out and out and a motor scooter. Of course, if I had all this money, I might would start driving agin…………...


    me too. I've wanted a Vespa type motor scooter since I was 9 ! I do have an '83 Yamaha Moped.

    I'm terrified to drive. Are you?

    Make all the repairs and upgrades to this little home. 
    Set up my sons with good investment income.
    Vacation home!!!!!    
    Probably buy a larger home and take my three grandchildren away from their idiot parents until one of them got his/her head out of, well, you know...
    Set up investment income for my grandchildren.
    DEFINITELY contribute generously to St. Jude's, No-Kill Animal Shelter, ATSA, and a few other dear-to-my-heart charities.
    Give some to my sister and my nephew, and a favorite cousin.
    Invest the rest, tax free as possible, and travel, indulge, and enjoy doing whatever, whenever, for whoever.  


    Bob...I know you`re very busy but please Em me if you have time?..i`d really love to talk to you about families and things!..Miss C. has my E.mail...Am so sorry you`re having such a tough time with the boys!..Families,families!!:-0..I think we have more than a few things in common!XXXMillie...and I don`t mean my little ones!Be really good to chat!! XX

    I'll send a request to admin. Let them know it's OK to give me your email; look forward to "talking" with you more!

    @Bob..or just ask Miss C...she has it somewhere!..(miss C..I give you my permission)!lol xxx

    Millie, the "admin" won't give me your address unless YOU tell "admin" it's OK. Use the "contact" at the bottom of the page to get in touch with them. TTYL

    A new Mercedes S 500 and then a penthouse co-op on a golf course. ""



    `I want that Mercedes S 500. I used to have a Mercedes. It was really old~and had to be the most charming car I've ever had.

    The Queensland Multiple Sclerosis Society would get a very large chunk.The rest I would happily spend on my kids/grandkids after I took enough for wife & I to be comfy on.I might even trade in my old truck.A new Jeep would be nice.

    They're are many homeless people here in Detroit too, and living under the expressway bridges.It's too bad there can't be some kind of hotels or rooming houses that these people could live in just for the price of a song. I would set up those places for them.

    But, Jesus said, You will always have the poor with you.


    I like your idea of a hotel for the homeless, No human should live in the street even if Jesus said t here would always be poor. Would Jesus object to the poor having shelter ... and even food?

    I like your idea of a hotel for the homeless, No human should live in the street even if Jesus said t here would always be poor. Would Jesus object to the poor having shelter ... and even food?

    Be debt-free and experience the feeling.

    Ensure kids, brother and sisters are taken care of by giving them monthly income.

    set up trust for grandson's education and well being.

    Give to favorite charity that works on elimination of poverty and has established schools.  One that does not give fish but teaches how to fish. I will avoid charities with high admin expenses.

    Will travel and help those that need immediate help by providing fresh water and electricity/solar and basic housing.

    Left over to be invested safely. Buy lotteries again! 



    "One that does not give fish but teaches how to fish." I like that idea too. You are unselfish and the world needs more people like you.

    sawali, "one that does not give fish but teaches how to fish" is a concept near and dear to me for many years. I'm glad to see your comments about charities and agree 100%.

    I looked at some elegant large apartments yesterday.I'd get mine furnished I think. I would give a lot of my current furniture away (Especially that horrid red couch)  I'd have an interior decorator help me with the paint colors. I've always wanted to live neat and in perfection.

    I'd have a cleaning person  come in once a week.

    I have one room set up for my granddaughters with lots of art materials, games, and toys and a Canary.

    Once a week I'd have somebody for a catered dinner and build up a circle of friends. I'd have a good music system

    I'd get a standard poodle or a Golden Retriever and another cat. (If my current cat would accept it)

    I'd get a new wardrobe for me and my husband and probably my daughter. My husband would get the car of his choice.I'd get a Mercedes - a new one!  My daughter and son are well set up, but I'd be sure and check - I know my brother doesn't need a cent!

    I'd take a three-weel trip tp Aistralia and saty in a cottage near our son and daughter in law. We take lots of side trips and they would decide where to go.

    Oh, this was fun.

    I'd buy all new make up and fragrances on my dressing table. I get lots of creams and things to keep me looking lovely. I'd never buy Oil of Olay again. I've used that ALL my life. I want the fancy stuff.

    I'd get a fairly small cottage on the North Coast. Maybe Gualala. I'd spend the hot months in our get-away place.

    I'd take art lessons and the first thing I'd buy is GOOD paints, good brushes, and a huge canvas. In time most of the art in our homes would be done by me. Actually, it already is!

    I'd like to find out how the people in Japan are living. If they haven't moved into nice homes yet, I'd make sure they did. I would research the best way to get shelter and food for those who need it.



    You sound just a tad on the self-serving side, itsmee. Shame on you.

    call mom tell her to keep a secret. throw a party at the fairmont hotel have surprise gifts to friends at party, pay for rooms and maybe have kc and the sunshine band play. put enough money away to live on the interest. make sure extended family members got rid of financial debts and got more security. start a foundation for children to get musical instruments; get with a dentist and start a foundation for people to get their teeth fixed if they don't have coverage (a lot of people have bad teeth in rich silicon valley); and have a fund for driver's training for youth, and for some grownups too.  we still have 30,000 a year dying on america's roads.


    tabber~Your ideas are well thought out and fresh. (Wish I'd said that) No, not really. Then I'd be you. I have no extended family who needs a cent. Really. I'd have to keep it all. : ) . I love the idea of a foundation for children to get musical instruments and one for people to get their teeth fixed. New idea. Your idea for Driver's Training goes over the top. I wish you wealth so you can have that party, Live in comfort and make the world safe and happy for many others...Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Cupertino ... Those people have problems with their teeth Hard to imagine but now I know. Thanks, tabbed. I donated a little bit of art to help get an art teacher for a school. It made me feel good. (I'd never made so much on a painted object!) There are some schools in central California who are desperate for a "luxury" like art and music teachers.

    itsmee you are correct. the people that live in palo alto, near stanford university, cupertino and los gatos (where i worked for 7 years) are not the people i'm talking about. these people are more downtown san jose. santa clara county has 7,000 homeless people. those are the people in need of teeth care. thanks itsmee. always good hearing from you. Tabbie.

    Thank you for clearing that up, Tabber. I was aghast. <--right word?

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