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    My grandson, David, tested positive for opiates, and has been in the NICU at one of our local hospitals since his birth on 1/24/14.  His mother entered a treatment facility a couple of days ago.  It will take weeks and weeks and weeks to get the heroin out of David's system.  He improves daily, but the doctor tried to reduce his medication by amount and how often ("cleaning house") and David has displayed withdrawal symptoms again.  
    My son is doing everything to assure his son will go home with him, but when we met with "CPS", their focus was on getting the mother into treatment, and whether or not it would be a facility where she could have the baby with her.  
    I'm disgusted with what I've learned about "social services" and the fact that it is not a crime for a woman to use illegal drugs while pregnant in California.  The fetus is not considered a child, so there is no child endangerment.  
    I really feel like I am going to start a grass roots campaign to get some legislation going to protect unborn children.  Of course, I'll want to call it "David's Law".  
    Any thoughts or experiences of your own about this?  Thanks.

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    One of my youngest cousins got his girlfriend pregnant about 5 years ago and she smoked pot and snorted cocaine during her entire pregnancy. Drugs were found in the babys system so she was not allowed to leave the hospital with her baby. My cousin went to jail a few days before his son was born awaiting a prison sentence so he could not take the baby home with him and he should not have been allowed to either because he was the one supplying her with the drugs while she was pregnant.  The hospital or CPS released the baby into the mothers' sisters' care which was just stupid because this allowed the mother to have as much contact with the baby as she chose to when she chose to and in my personal opinion I think this was still placing the baby in harms way. That poor baby was not being taken care of properly with his mothers' side of the family in control of his well being and late one night the  alcoholic grandmother called my other cousin and his wife (the babys uncle) and she asked them to please come take the baby.  When my cousin arrived at the house they found the baby crying and he was in a filthy diaper because there were no more diapers left so he was kept in the same diaper for hours.

      The mother was ordered by CPS to take random drug tests and to receive parenting classes before she could have her baby back.  She was allowed supervised visitation rights with a CPS worker at my cousins house, but she missed several parenting classes and failed a couple of her drug tests.  That baby was with my cousin and his wife for almost a year and they fell head over hills in love with that little baby and tried to adopt him, but CPS still gave that CLUELESS B!TCH full custody back.

      If the parent continues to show  positive for illegal drugs and shows no interest in taking classes to become a good parent then I believe that parent should have all rights taken away such as my cousins girlfriend.  I agree with you Bob about the felony charges!  David's Law - BRING IT ON!


    What you have written about your little cousin makes me sick. CPS doesn't seem to understand the initials stand for child PROTECTIVE services. It might have been possible for the uncle and wife who love the baby to file for custody (there may be a legal aid service in their area if they can't swing a family law attorney). I feel the restraining order (if it goes through) is our best "weapon"/safeguard for David. It may be what mama needs to get the first clue that she is a threat to her son. She had written a note "mommy loves David" and stuck it on the David woke up and read it 5x/day. REAL stupid. My son wanted to rip it off and throw it away. Let me know how your baby cousin is doing.
    (I plan to blast CPS once this is all behind us; give a baby back to a drug addict parent. Unbelievable)
    country bumpkin

    Hi Bob. The drug addicted mother(my cousins x girlfriend) that I was telling you about in this thread was found dead this morning, she was 24. I only heard about her a few minutes ago. My older cousin and his wife who both tried to adopt her son when he was a baby are at this moment trying to get him back.

    SO very sorry to hear this, CB. My sincere hope your cousin and his wife will be successful in the adoption. The restraining order has been served, filed, activated, etc. etc. She has also signed over all rights (physical and legal) to my son. Her visiting times will be at his discretion. Now, we turn to other issues because there is never one single moment of peace around here. :(

    I've had no personal experience with this nor even been able to observe anyone who has. I can only comment that, in my opinion, when a baby is born drug addicted, the mother (and maybe the father as well in some cases) should be prosecuted for child the very least.


    California is a real strange place, Ducky. The baby isn't a human until born. Oddly, the heartbeat is monitored, ultrasounds are done, with photos at every visit. There is so much known about the non-person....
    I do agree with you, somebody (besides the child) needs to suffer some consequences.

    I think the law is the same in Canada...not sure. I do know that a woman can abort up to 20-24 weeks, depending on circumstances. :(

    There are so many things going on in my life right now (around me) that are distressing and I feel like there is nothing I can do to change anything. :( Children need an advocate.

    Sadly, waiting for others to straighten up their own lives, is all a person can do. :(

    In my experience, CPS sucks raw eggs. Cody’s ex-old-lady should be skinned alive and have salt rubbed into her wounds………..


    SO much to tell you, Julie; just hanging out here because the email is just too difficult right now. I totally agree with you about CPS. Absolute fools.

    Personally I don't think a woman who is found to be a drug addict should be allowed to have a baby , and should certainly not be allowed to keep it after the birth, until she comes off the crap completely. A child deserves a better start in life , irrespective of what the mothers putting into herself, the child deserves a proper life. Good luck with your campaign Bob , I'm sure you will have a lot of support. 


    Thank you, sunnyB. For sure, a child deserves to come into this world healthy as possible. When the mother spends her time poisoning her child, I don't think she deserves any consideration when it comes to the baby. One problem is, there are too many girls having babies of guys who don't give a damn and aren't going to be around to be a dad/father. Child is 0 for 2 from the get-go.

    How sad! Drug addiction is probably the hardest of all things to handle. It makes no sense to most of us. I think addiction is a disease.   I do not think charging a mother with a felony will ever stop an addict from using! Something does need to be done but it is hard to think about where to start. My sister was or is addicted to pain pills This started in her 20's and she is now 64 and still goes to every clinic and tells many stories to get her pills although she will say she doesn't. I can tell when she is buzzed when I talk to her on the phone sometimes. I am sorry to say I am glad she moved far away from me so I do not have to deal with this condition on a daily basis.   I am so sorry for your tiny baby grandson! I hope he gets all the support he needs to grow to be a wonderful man.


    Thanks for the good wishes, clu. How very sad about your sister's addiction and the many years it has gone on. It really would be difficult to live close enough to spend time with her and know that she is buzzed. I really hope David's mom can get her act together, but she doesn't seem to be ready yet. I've seen it in my own sons...when you are ready to change, then you change. :(

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