how to make my life better?

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    Develop a great attitude. Be positive about yourself and of others. Never see the glass half empty but rather, half full. Attitude……..

    Try not to worry too much about pleasing your dad.  You aren't responsible for his happiness.  You are responsible for your own.  Think about what you would like to do in your life:  travel, school, career.  Marriage and family, but that depends on falling in love with someone and getting married!   
    Think about how to achieve your goals and write down your ideas.  Talk to your parents about them, or a school counselor.  Bumbling through life with no plan or goals will not facilitate a better life.  None of us knows his fate, but you can set goals and strive to accomplish them.   Wishing you happiness!  

    Be kind to people.Go to school. Get a job. Go to your place of worship. Get to know people so you can have fun with a lot of friends. Help people that need help, including your parents and grand parents.


    yeahh,, I'm studying now, but I can forget my problem, I always remember it. i want to get the work but my father disagree with me,,
    I want to make him proud to me,, But I can't,,
    I'm confused about it,,

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