Why Do Some People Use God To Rip-Off Other People?

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    Buyer Beware: Just because it has God in it does not mean it's good!!!

    People are being taken advantage of in so many different ways. One of them being, using God to help them take your money.

    if you truely give from the heart,weather you got "ripped off" or not god knows your heart and will not ripp you off!1


    <a href="/users/2217/daren1/">@daren1</a> - That's the has nothing to do with God!!!

    Seen in a classified ad.

    "Call God's man of faith for your plumbing needs." He raped his 8 year old daughter.

    '8 minute car wash, Christian owned and operated' ( They ripped my exhaust system off and refused to pay damages. This was on a brand new car. Another time, they stole my camera that was in the glove box. (positive about that)

    Just a couple I remember.


    <a href="/users/4065/vinny/">@Vinny</a> - OMG! We see where this man of faith drills his pipe. Sorry for your lost!!!



    <a href="/users/4065/vinny/">@Vinny</a> - He also, had the nerve to advertise it, go figure!!!


    Pamela, if that wasn't so true i would really fall off my chair with your reply.. LOL

    Not only do people use God, they also use Allah to rip people off. There are several innocent looking charities where the money goes to support Islamic Extremists.

    It really is sad that the ugliness of people who claim to religious, is used to rip off considerate, generous people. But, I suppose that's the ugly side of human nature showing in some people, then you have the media portraying all Muslims as violent, or Christian pastors as money hungry.

    It's very important to make sure when giving money or time to a charity, to should make sure it is a reputable one. It only takes a few minutes to check out a person or charity on line, we just have to be responsible enough to do the research. It's to bad that people sometimes judge an entire group by the negative actions of the few, who probably weren't ever genuine to begin with.

    It's to bad that there's some people who will do practically anything for money, especially free money. On the opposite side, there's plenty of good people out there as well, we just have to make sure to be careful who we trust.


    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - Ever so true! Beware of who we trust.


    That is so very true and sad but something each will have to answer for one day. I know a church I used to go to when I lived somewhere else I needed a vehicle badly and only had just so much money so I asked the associate pastor about if he knew anyone in the church that would help me find a car for the money I had he referred me to one that went to church there and too bad I do not know a lot about working on cars or the mechanics of all but I do know and do keep up the maintenance on any vehicle I have ever had because that is very important and I know that. Well long story short this was the car from hell that that guy sold me everything went wrong with it and immediately I called him and asked him about some of it and he was very rude and cruel so I would never ever refer anyone to him and do not know if this has anything to do with it or not but I prayed really hard that God would make him not do others that way anymore as in talking to him afterwards I am quite sure he has done this a lot well he got brain cancer and almost died then do not know about now but no one should try to take advantage of anyone in anyway Christian or not......I do believe that you reap what you sow somewhere down the line.....


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - I know what you mean. I had a similar experience with a so called pastor.


    i don't know if this is related or not but just felt like writing it. in africa, and poor countries around such NIgeria they do more than rip off people from their money using god. the pastor comes in to a family's house and see that the child is acting a bit weird, he'd tell the parents that the child is 'possessed', so in order to get the 'demon' out of the child, the pastor needs money ofcourse, they pay him a huge sum of money, and he performs his nonsensical ritual on this poor child who probably just had a bad fever. and if you didn't know, taking the 'demon' out of a human, it involves 'hitting' the human with a stick and irons, since demons are said to be afraid of them. so this pastor hits the child in the process and the child dies ofcourse, the parents ask the pastor, the pastor says with a knowledgeable manner 'the demon wouldn't come out without taking the child with him, their bond is too strong, we were too late' parents on the other side believe him ofcourse, afterall he is a pastor. so see how humans can be freakin animals in order to gain money easily. they not only use god to rip people off their money but also take innocent lives as well.


    <a href="/users/2069/doublehelix/">@doublehelix</a> - So sad and touching. Thanks for sharing how the people in Nigeria fall prey to their pastors.



    Africa is 99% religious.
    The African government seem so corrupt - they even sell drugs from UNICEF, drug companies ecetera which are given free to help sick people.
    I do not like it when bad humans are referred to as animals. Homo Sapiens often perpetuate their superiority over animals - there is no scientific evidence for this - these people are in no way as good as animals. I do realize that it is not always said to denigrate animals though.
    I just got ripped off by a guy hiding behind religion. We as human beings tend to believe in a person who is God fearing. He was also a veteran like me, so he used this as well. Con men will do or say anything in order to take your hard earned money. I'm sure I will give more money in the future to other individuals, I just have to do more due diligence. After all this is just human nature. As Fox Maulder said in the "X Files, I want to believe".

    Not to say I would stop giving, but, it makes it hard for those who actually need sincere help.
    Many people who are grieving, lonely, sad and generally unhappy with some aspect of their lift etc are very vunerable and are easy targets for these "MEN OF GOD" Religion is a very big business. Usually these people evangelists are just con men.

     Bible 1 I do think they do its very sad when this happens and I think they do pick on people who are vunrable which is such a shame



    How sad and so true, Mel!

    thanks Pamela yes its sad Fact LOL

    I basically try to figure out a person in the first few minutes much like everyone else does, first impressions can say a lot about a person. Even if I have a bad first impression of a person, I still try to give them the benefit of the doubt. I was in sales when I was younger, I suppose I learned a few things through those experiences.

    Many times we meet people in our lives who pretend to be something they are not. Times have changed from being able to take a person's word for something, to having to be skeptical about anything someone says. It's to bad you can't just make a business deal on a handshake anymore, but that's just the way things are these days.

    For the same reason that other grifters do - they see an easy target and they go after them.

    I grew up as a preachers kid, fortunately I didn’t like the disease so I had to leave it. Lots of wolves in sheep clothing…many very nice folk too.  I thought it strange that crooks and cons would be such avid church goers. Their donations were rather thin but when they would get in trouble the preacher was called in to testify about their moral character. Oddly when you get a preacher in a court the sentencing consequences seem to often get pretty slack. My mind is reeling with all the possibilities this involves for graft and corruption.    


    You had first hand experience, to see the conniving, lying, and scamming from some of the leaders of the church taking advantage of vulnerable people, all in the Name of Jesus, SAD. :-)

    Because God is a manifestation of all that is good - people hide behind religion to do bad things devoid of ethics or morality in contrast to what they portray and want you to believe. 

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