I just wanet to be with me !!

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    Yes well you just be with yourself, keep yourself company,that's the best way to do that.

    At least you know good company when you have it……….

    So did Eric: 

    The UP SIDE of that is that, wherever you go, there you are, so you will always be with yourself.  

    The DOWN SIDE is that you will have to figure out a way to segregate yourself from everybody else.  You can do that in any number of ways.   You could just simply say that you prefer to be by yourself, or you could be rude so people don't want to be around you, practice poor personal hygiene so people can't stomach being around you, or locate yourself where others are uncomfortable or unable to visit.  

    I am with myself even when there is a crowd.  It is a mental and emotional exercise, and it takes practice. 

    the best way to be yourself is to read what YOU like, watch programs that you like, do activities that you like, get a girlfriend or boyfriend that you like, dress like you like. Then you walking up the road of becoming and being yourself.  Oh yes, be true your inner values.  If you are not sure what your values are get involved with good people that you look up to. Good luck!

    just find the real me, then do what you really wanted.

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