I am afraid to drive. How can I get over this phobia or this anxiety? Maybe I'm just stuck with it?

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    itsmee, Did you start driving as a teen, or later ?

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    I have a good friend who has panic attacks when she drives, she has to carry Xanax with her all the time. Can you take a mild form of Xanax? You might be saving someone’s life…...


    Yeah, for years, I had one panic attack after another when driving till I started taking anti-anxiety meds. Sometimes, I can still feel it building, but it doesn't turn into a full blown attack.

    There is no worry of me killing anyone while driving. I simply don't drive now. I am fortunate to have a couple of friends, my daughter, and son-in-law who help me with with driving... and my husband is great. Still this isn't for the best. I'm going to try it again tomorrow while breathing deep.

    Now you know I'm not a shrink Itsmee but I don't think that's a phobia.I think it's just a lack of confidence.Take a defensive driving course.It will certainly teach you how to avoid collisions & make you feel safer.


    Tommy! Wow ... I just answered that by saying I thought I would take Driver's Training.
    Defensive Driving sounds like the same thing. I definitely want to feel safer. Yes! We got some smart people on here.
    If I could pay the people who drive me it would be ok but they don't accept money and I don't bake. : )

    Can you drive ? If so, start off by driving around quite streets just a couple each time.Then progress to a not so busy shopping center.Have someone with you and keep calm, breathing exercises can help with the anxiety.Build up your confidence before you hit the freeways.


    Thanks pythonlover ... I totally forgot about breathing exercises. I will try again tomorrow. Today I had a terrible time just driving to the store. I have always lived in a small town and now I have to travel on a busy busy street, So many cars. So close. I feel like closing my eyes. (I DON'T)
    I will never drive on freeways. I just want to travel safely around town.

    How long have you been driving ?

    That's the problem......there was never someone with me when I had panic attacks while driving. I didn't have them when my mom or my (now deceased) husb was with me.

    PL ... We are fairly new to this big town - 3 years. I was able to drive panic free in other towns but the big town traffic gives me Panic. I may take Driver's training.

    Try taking a refresher course iitsmee, that should help improve your confidence. My wife doesn't drive, she past her driving test about 40 years ago, she went to work in the car a few times, then she came scared (I think something must have happened) she never drove again. She goes everywhere on the bus, if I am not around to drop her off.


    I've really been thinking about this. I might take lessons but I know how to drive ... and well. We moved to this big, busy town and there's one street that's more like a freeway. When I first became acquainted with the street I saw accidents almost every day. It was ok at first but it got worse for me.However, I haven't seen an accident on that street for weeks now. There is really no need for me to be afraid. It may be that this memory will make things better for me. Thank you so much sunnyB. ; )

    bad answer lol

    swagboss .. why is that a bad answer? you think I should take up video games ... yes, I have some. Do you?

    there are some classes and trainings that help people over phobias. Maybe a good therapist thatbdoes hypnotism.


    I think I'm a candidate for classes and breathing deep.

    Try driving very short distance with someone besides you. BTW how did you get thedriving licence?

    That failing, spend afew bucks with a driving instructor - you will have confidence.


    I'd pay quite a bit if I could just get over this. I'll find our how much it costs tomorrow. I am very motivated to just drive around town - no freeways. It should be .... uh, easy. Maybe.

    You're not alone, I have a wife of 30+ years, she doesn't drive either. I have tried in the past to teach her, even enroll her into driving school.  Problem with her is that when she was in her early 20's, a little girl ran out in front of her, she didn't kill her but she was banged up pretty bad. No citation issued, it wasn't her fault, nonetheless, she has a phobia now.  and not to mention, we are now in California, years later, not in the little burg in Ohio.  There are at least 3X as many cars on the road.  What's worse is many of them driving have no clue of how to drive, yet they passed the test.

    About 10~12 years ago, the local DMV fired the entire staff of examiners-- reason was taking bribes. They got them but the persons that bribed them are still on the road.

    sit in house and play video games all day' or maybe you dont have some


    i like the idea

    I like the idea too. Maybe I'll paint some pictures or mirror frames. Maybe I'll ... write something. Maybe I'll eat white cake with coconut frosting.

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