This month is my 7th year anniversary of surviving cancer.

    And In a few months, it'll be my step-daughter's 8th year anniversary of same. It can be done ! Don't give up hope .

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    You’ve done something right. Good attitude helps and watching your health. You’re past the cure rate, congratulations!


    T Y , julie.It's nice to have friends to share my joys and sorrows with :-)

    That's good to hear mcm, your good positive attitude to life must have helped. Keep right on being that way. 


    T Y , SunnyB . It's nice to have you guys/girls here to celebrate with .

    My 10th year, had it twice, just shows that we deserve to be here Juliana, good luck, and may you be here for many more of these years.

    country bumpkin

    To Infinity and Beyond!

    T Y,Romos and CB . And congratulations to you, Romos.It gives me a new outlook that you said it shows that we deserve to be here.Guess God has some more assignments for us to do here on earth.

    Great news, mcm!


    T Y ,Clu . How do you like all this snow and cold in Michigan ?

    Keep On Keepin' On!


    That's great news! I'm happy for you mcm.


    T Y,Pythie . ♥

    Whatever you are doing, keep it up!  Great news, and there is not always such good news with that...  Regards, Busti

    Great news. Maybe you should think about writing a book on how to make thur a medical situation and come out a champion like you did.


    T Y ,Tabber. Good idea. I like to write.

    Congratulations to all survivors! We've come along way in combating cancer. We still have a way to go but every success beats cancer back. As you say mcm, don't give up hope. Everyday brings us closer to finding a cure for all cancers. Education is the best tool we all have for remaining cancer free. 



    TY ,Colleen for the beautiful tribute to all cancer there are many.

    Nice goin' Julie. :)

    Really brilliant news sweetheart so pleased for you and and well done to you xxxxx


    T Y , Mel.Good to hear from you ♥

    happy birth month & be positive in life

    Hope ...Hope and Hope. keep on smiling. We are with you both.

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