do you believe in Jesus

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    Yes, I do.


    yes, I do

    No question about it, Jesus was an actual documented man on earth. Where  you take it from there  is up to you………...


    Jesus Rocks !

    Yes, however, I respect what others believe, as long as they freely do so, and do not push it on me.  Or try to impede my rights to do as I like.  Our state, RI, was founded upon religious freedom by Roger Williams, fleeing from England to come to US. 

    Yes. Jesus was an actual historical figure. Some people say he was a great rabbi......that his teachings were inspired by God. Some people say he was the son of God. Christians like me beleive that He was God .

    YES  The word of GOD made flesh..


    I wrote something and then I deleted it. daren, that's a pretty good explanation. Maybe I'll say more later.

    yes.............i believe in jesus

    I know and love Him. I think of Him as our System Sovereign, a personal trusted friend and councilor. I have not been as open and honest with Him as I would like to have been. I seek only an open and loving association with Him hereafter.  

    I believe Jesus existed...However...I believe in GOD. (Didn't God say something like thou shalt have no other gods before Me...?)...Just WONDERERin'...does that also include even Jesus?...

    eror - I believe in his teachings - amazing! 

    Do I believe he ever existed ? Perhaps he did. So did lots of other people.

    Do I believe he was the son of God, born of a virgin mother, died and resurrected? 

    Errr...I consider that a bit of a stretch. So,no, I consider his story to be nothing but a cute fairy tale.


    Daren said, "Jesus is the word of God made flesh" Does that change how you think? I'm considering it. I find the story a stretch too -- just like you.

    Fairy tale.

    The book sold well, anyway. Kept many people in business!

    Fiction always outsells non.

    True enough. : )

    yes i believe in Jesus because he is the God to Kristian

    Yes,  of course, Jesus was Prophet but not son of God rather son of Mary. Among Prophets he was very very special. God created  ADAM without father and mother. God created EVE without mother. God created Jesus without Father. God created rest of mankind with father and mother. So Jesus became very very special by birth after ADAM and EVE. 

    Yes I believe and trust Him for everything.

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