Do You Act Like A Baby, A Child, A Teen, An Adult?

    What would be your reaction to any or all of these given situations?

    • If you don't get your way?

    • If you don't agree with someone?

    • If someone insult you?

    • If someone offend you?

    • If someone hurt you?

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    12 Answers

    I never get angry if I don't get my way, ever!

    I agree to disagree

    Insults are in your mind, I don't give reasons to insult me, if they do, I agree and walk off This kills 'em :)

    I don't offend easly.

    I don't understand the last question 'if someone hurt'

    Don't insult or offend my family, don't preach to me, don't steal from me and don't lie. These are the things that will set me off.. (offend)


    <a href="/users/4065/vinny/">@Vinny</a> - Left out "You" If someone hurt. I see you would act like an adult, in all the given situations. TU!!!


    If someone hurts me, I bleed inside, I try my best not to let them know that I am hurt. Sometimes this is difficult though and I do have a pain threshold that when reached i will defend myself. It really takes quite a bit of hurt to set me off though.

    I've been known to pout (child) if I don't get my own way, but I'm a cute pouter so I usually win, lol

    If I don't agree with someone I try to stay rational. If they insult, then I try to stay above it but I can and will step down to their level if provoked. Even I have bad days so some days, words can get to me easier than other days.

    Is someone offends me, I'll either laugh (teen?) or I'll stand up and defend myself (adult with self worth). It depends on the offense.

    Depends on the hurt. Some hurts cut so deep that anger (baby? child?) is an option of alleviating the pain for a moment.



    It is who I am. It just proves my claim that I'm not perfect. ; )


    <a href="/users/975/colleen/">@Colleen</a> - Like you said...nobody is perfect!!!



    On this site all of the above.

    I believe we display a little of each one, given with each circumstance. Sometimes I may act baby-like or child-like to get my way, but on the other hand, I may have to be an adult to prove my own way.

    To disagree, everyone have their own opinion. Sometime I may act more like a child than an adult, but, it is more healthy for me to be an adult, agree to disagree.

    For someone to insult or offend me, what is the intent, is it intentional or deliberate. Depending on who it is from, I may react to the offense, immaturely or maturely.

    If someone hurt you, no one wants to be hurt, be it baby, child, teen, and adult. My reaction would be, depends on the situation.

    wow ....thats actually 8 questions !where do i start:
    if i dont get my way: as a baby, child, teen or adult /i act like a baby/
    i agree to disagree: as a baby , child, teen or adult : i act like a baby/
    insults: as a baby,child,teen or adult : i act like a baby
    offended: as a baby, child, teen,or adult: i act like a a baby/
    someone hurt: as a baby,child,teen or adult: i act like a baby/

    maybe its time i grow up and act like a child!


    <a href="/users/2217/daren1/">@daren1</a> - The adult a good start!!!

     Fairy I must admit I do stamp my feet if I dont get my own way but then after a while I do relize I have over reacted as per usual and say I am sorry and mean it
    This is the nearest Fairy I could get to your fairy Pamela!



    Thanks Mel, good answer! :-)

    Thanks Pamela did you like yr fairy! lol
    All four.

    I don't associate with people who Hurt, insult, offend, or disagree with me on a regular basis. I always get my way sooner or later.


    <a href="/users/7175/ed-shank/">@ed shank</a> - I guess that makes you unique!!!

    I act like an old man with all the right


    <a href="/users/1111/randy-palmer/">@Randy Palmer</a> - The Old Wise Man. lol!!!


    I look so cute everyone takes pity on me and set me on their knee. Strange as I am


    <a href="/users/2297/friendindeed/">@friendindeed</a> - Since you are so adorable. TU!!!


    Yes I would look great sitting on Randy Palmer knee. He would have to lift his head of first lol

    I act like a baby trying to be a teenager acting as an
    Either you agree with me, don't insult me, don't hurt me, or I'll take my ball and go home!

    Let bygones be bygones. lol!

    Everybody communicates in three different ways and have psychological profiles to fit this i.e. each one having a higher or lower rating:-





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