What is your opinion of obama's income inequality ?

    It goes back to the purpose of money. Not everybody can have it. If everybody did, our natural resources would become quickly depleted. There will always be the poor. There will always be the rich. Kind of like the 43 convicted felons working for obama care in California. They will be poor because of their own decisions. Do you trust convicted felons with your personal information ?

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    I do not trust anyone with my personal information. Least of all convicts and the government. What I think of any of Obama's plans and ideas is pretty well known here I think. Just under 2 more years...

    You're absolutely right, there will always be rich and poor in the world. The reason for most of the disparity is that people with more education have knowledge worth more to the public than say, a ditch digger. While both are necessary a lawyer or doctor's services will always have more value. However, I disagree with you when you seem to say that most of the poor are responsible for their positions through decisions they make in life. Many are, but quite a few are the victims of ignorance and are locked into their situations because of decisions their parents made before them. Most of the time it's a lack of education or they are forced to live in high crime areas and other constricting environmental issues.

    Another problem is that the wealthy have much more power than the middle class or poor. Money is power as they say and power corrupts. Vast sums of money allow the rich to buy politicians and negate the votes of the poor. So, yes there will always be rich and poor, but when there is such a stark difference such as most studies indicate you will have a serious problem. For instance, the last time there was a similar situation was just prior to WW11. There was no middle class just as the one we have today is disappearing and look what happened then. These are complex problems and they developed through complicated variables. We can offer opinions, but the solutions will require more than simple debates such as these.

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