how can we use a video calling in skype

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    I moved your next question to this question. Please keep all conversation about your Skype here in the same question. Do not open a new question to reply back. Thanks

    You said:
    "no iam not getting my contact lists whenever iam opening my skype account the home page will be showing so i cant recognise where my contacts had been"

    It sounds like you disconnected the left portion of the Skype window that has your contacts list so now you only have the chat window. On your tool bar (Skype menu bar), click "view" then click "default view", that should give you back your contacts list.

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    You can only use it between yourself and one other. Click the name of the person you want to video call with. Their name should be in your contacts list. Then click "video call" on their Skype page. 

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