How is it that nobody seems capable of using the correct spelling or punctuation any more?

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    I think you mean "Why are people unable to use correct spelling and punctuation any longer?"

    Seriously... you over generalize.
    Some instances may be due to English not being the poster's primary language.
    Also... English is very difficult to master.

    Over generalise, I don't think so! I have both heard and read the expression "bored of" to give one example, used by people who should know better, such as on national TV, and printed in serious newspapers. This expression seems to have crept in to everyday conversation in recent years. Why? There is no such expression, and there never has been. I could go on but would run the risk of everybody becoming quickly bored WITH me.
    how about this.........maybe the person born in America didn't want to study, learn and question the teacher when he/she went to class. And look at the media. How many times have you seen or heard the expression "this show was prerecorded?" My English teacher taught me years ago, "you can't do something before you do it". Therefore, using "pre" in front of an action verb is INCORRECT! Same thing about other verbs. You can't have a "preprinted" paper. It's either printed or not. Think about it. Incidentally, I shortened some lines to get a point across.

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