why love is hard to understand?

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    It doesn't need to be understood. It only needs to be appreciated and enjoyed. Don't waste time making it into a drama. That happens only when you are too young for it.

    Love is just an emotion we have little control over much less understanding. It’s the same with hate, jealousy, envy, and any other emotion. Just live with it and it will all come to light given time…..

     People use love to control others. Love is meant to be freeing, not controlling. God loves us but set us free. Can you do the same for those you feel you love? If yes, then you understand love. 

    As has been said 'Love is a many splendid thing.'  It is one of our greatest gifts and one of our most motivating factors.  Many experience it for a brief moment. Some for a longer time. But no matter how long, when one experiences it . . . wow, what a wonder and a thrill.  it is mysterious and delirious and happy and fun.  When it leaves its sad and lonely and even depressing at times.  But its a gift and when it goes away we have to appreciate the memory of it, like everything else in this life.  Happy love to you!

    love is nt hard to understand,it just depends on your mentality

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