Do you agree that God turned the darkest day in history into the greatest in Three days?

    On a dark day Jesus was killed on a cross but after three days He rose again in victory. Praise Him

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    Yes, I believe that, and I'm called a Christian for believing.

    Tell me, why do you walk around with your head in your hands? Is it a new fad?
    Headless Man

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    The Ascension was just as important. Jesus Christ arose from the dead and remained upon earth in visible form for forty days. On the fortieth day, Jesus Christ ascended into heaven and is at the "right hand of God."
    Yes the LORD did turn the darkest day of history into the fulfillment of centuries of prophesy JESUS died on Good Friday
    here is a little FYI the Jew days start from sunset to sunset
    that is why the high priest did not WANT any prisoner's on the cross's.
    before sunset at the start of the Passover.JESUS die a hellish death if have saw Mel Gibson's movie the passion nuff said Jesus then rose up from the grave three days later.
    I believe on the third day all of nature shouted for joy. When I am down I say to myself......Its Friday but Sunday's coming. When things are dark God can turn it around
    I do believe The day of reserection was the greatest day
    without any doubt
    digger...What I mean by this is.....On Friday way back then Jesus was Crucified and on the third day He rose again. So when I am down it reminds me of that Friday and then I remember there is hope for me because on Sunday Jesus rose .

    A-HA. Got it.Thanks

    A prize is on its way
    Yes. I agree! Was wondering what you meant by that 3rd day. It represents the newness of things. Because in the beginning, the third day was the bringing forth of every seed after it's kind. Same third day, the Lord was resurrected.

    Very interesting!

    Your sister,

    @adreamer2 just looking at your website intereating
    Friendindeed says: "When I am down I say to myself......Its Friday but Sunday's coming".

    Working Monday through Friday and enjoying my weekend off-days, I can't say that I look forward to Sundays like you do.

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