how to enable wifi on laptop

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        Flip a switch on the side or front of your laptop that says "Wi-Fi" or shows a radar symbol. HP laptops, for example, have a bar that slides from "On" to "Off," going from an orange light to a blue light (when turned on).

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        Determine which key turns on your wireless if your laptop does not have a switch on the side or front. Looking at the "F" keys at the very top of your keyboard; one of them will have the symbol of a radar or say "Wi-Fi." Holding the "Fn" key and hitting this key will turn the wireless on.

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        Make sure wireless is enabled. In Windows, right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage." Click "Services" in the left pane and find "WLAN Auto-Config." Make sure it is enabled; otherwise, right click and choose "Enable." For an Apple, click the radar sybmol at the top of your screen and choose "Turn Wireless On."


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