What does housing account for?

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    Fewer people being homeless.

    I have done my part toward creating affordable housing.  I have a rental home, 2 doors from my residence.  I have had 2 families there in the last 25 yrs.  First one paid same rent until they left on their terms after 13 yrs.  They were the better tenants, and I was glad to do it, they were respectful of the property, and paid on time.  The current ones, same rent after almost 12 yrs. they are hard on the place, almost always late on rent, but I do get it.  I have not gone up a penny since they came in.  We are considering doing that now, as the house is costing us more to maintain (as it ages).  But I always remind them that I am striving to give an affordable, nice place and want them to do their part by keeping it clean, and not trashing the place.  The 20's sons, and friends are hard on property, break walls, throw debris in yard, etc. 


    You must be very patient to put up with your property being damaged for 12 years. :(

    it has not been that way for all those years, just the last few. We figure we know what we are working with and keep them as there are worst out there...

    I hear you. They often "present well" only because they know the routine.

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