I'm posting this from the library. An obnoxious woman who was carrying on about

    a computer glitch and creating a disturbance, took offense at a 2 year-old crying at the top of his lungs and said "abortion works wonders." I kept mum, but was outraged. What, if anything, would you have said?

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    I'd have probably said exactly what you were thinking, unless she was bigger than me.



    She has a cane. Seriously. She might whack me with it.

    Not carrying a concealed my friend?

    And maybe asked her what her mom did when she acted up as a toddler?

    My snappy comments always occur to me too late to use them. I guess I would have just written her off as a snappy-person-wanna-be with poor taste………..


    It often happens with me also.Colleen was right-on. If there's a "next time", I'll be ready.

    My answer to her statement..."Too late for you, girl."


    ^ 5, Robert !

    Being a tattletale, I'd have asked the librarian to address the screaming child's parent as well as the irritable hag, suggesting they all leave for the well-being of the rest of us.  

    My kids did their fair share of noise-making and embarrass me to this day, but one thing I didn't let them do was disrupt others' peace without consequence. 

    I would have looked her straight in the eye and said, "Your mother should have thought of that." People forget that once upon a time they were a baby and a toddler too and I'm sure did their fair share of screaming. 


    She's still sitting across from me. Should I print this out and give it to her?

    Go for it. She can join and argue with me if she wants.

    I printed it out and gave it to her, saying "I think this is for you." Being that she didn't print anything out, she didn't look at it,probably thinking I'm mistaken. Perhaps it was for the best. I have a real bad temper and I had to catch a bus.

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