how do i start all over at age 54, when all hope is lost?

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    I just came across this while checking Facebook. I truly believe it was meant for you. (God works in mysterious ways). Now you do not have to be a follower of the Hindu religion but what you will read here I think may help you a lot. Without knowing it, you are the strongest you have ever been, right now at this very moment. Read why >

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    At 54 you are just beginning to be able to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past.

    Give it a go.You have plenty of time left.

    You're still breathing. All hope is not lost. 

    I noticed tags of parenting and newborn and ...well...all I can think is...a baby is ALWAYS a wonderful thing and if you have a late in life baby then just take it one day at a time..or even 5 minutes at a helps immensely. There are also many support groups as well as respite care and councelling to help you cope. My step-mom's dad was 70 years old when she was born...he died at 103! Remember that a baby is always a great and wonderful thing!


    Yes, Babies are a blessing ♥

    There's a lot of hope for you. You're not starting over. You're redirecting. I see rainbows  !


    I read that good man who sees rainbows too. Good comment.

    T Y for your support, itsmee. ♥

    I wish I had a heart on my keyboard. I always have to design my hearts like this <3. Where is your heart on your keyboard? Maybe I have one and just don't see it. ps thank you for your support also.

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