I have been walking in my sleep quite a bit. I go from bed to soft chair and from chair to soft bed. I bang into the wall. I curl up on the floor. Do you do this? Anybody?

    I haven't researched it yet. I would like to know if any REAL people have my problem.   

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    For goodness sake make sure your house is safe Itsmee & get your meds checked.By a safe house I mean make sure there is nothing on the floor that you can stumble on & hurt yourself.Make sure the doors are locked so you can't go outside.

    T U for sure, Tommy .

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    No.But it is a malady my brother suffered with as a child.One night my dad found him a mile away from home.Scary stuff.


    We have so many locks and gates around that I wouldn't get far unless I pulled out the ladder and scaled the walls. That would be hard to explain to the cops as I stood there in the spot light in my red plaid nightgown.
    I hear you say, "Be careful" I believe you.

    A MILE AWAY FROM HOME! scary scary stuff.

    my brother did too, Tommy. And so did my cousin, Mike.Both of them walked all the way down the stairs while they were sleep walking.And they talked in full sentences.

    Since I posted this I have not walked in my sleep even once. I don't know whether to thank you guys or what so I will. : )

    Not since I came off the illegal stuff that people FORCED on me.

    Are you mixing your meds S?


    I take several meds but I go to the doctor once a month. Is that it??? What was forced on you ROMOS? I guess you can't say.

    Forced and enjoyed itsmee, a wee Scottish thing,
    Loved some illegal stuff way back then.

    Oh ... Oh my! LOL OK.

    I have or so I’ve been told. God knows I don’t remember……….


    jh. was it when you were a kid ?

    Oh, no. As an adult like nowadays……...

    Sounds like it's  your meds..Or your sleep hours. Try taking a hot bath then go to sleep in a  bed ...not sleeping in a chair  11pm



    Itsmee, I'm a night person too, so I understand, but I don't get up at 7 or 8am like you do .Do you get about 6 hours sleep ?

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