Do you watch the Superbowl? (NFL)

    If you do, do you watch it for the game, the commercials or both? I watch it mainly for the game but always stick around for the commercials. 

    Here is Dorito's top 5 picks for which commercial they will air on game day. You can vote for your fav. I like the time machine one the best. 

    Click here >> << 

    Which one did you like best?

    The Superbowl airs Feb. 2 on FOX at 6:30 pm ET/3:30 PT. 

    Go Payton and the Broncos! :)

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    5 Answers

    I try to watch it.

    Still can't understand why it's called "football".
    Good game, badly named.

    Adverts? Naaahhh!!!!


    Superbowl commercials are the best. It's like a yearly contest to see who can make the best commercial.

    Know what you mean.
    British ads are far superior though.

    I'll not argue that. I have always enjoyed British commercials better than ours.

    No, not even for the commercials…………(unless I’ve bought numbers for it)

    Nope, not a football fan. I only watch the half time show if I happen to be home. I'll see the "commercial highlights" the following day because they are everywhere. They are very good I think.

       If I watch, the game comes first, followed by the commercials, and I use the halftime show to play with the dogs, go to the bathroom, and make more snacks.  Can't stand the halftime shows....
    While I would much prefer to see my two favorite teams compete (NE/SF), I'll throw my allegiance to Denver this time.


    I've not been impressed with the performers they have been picking. I tend to do other things during the 1/2 time show too. I am rooting for Denver because Payton is a darn good QB and he deserves another ring.

    What I saw of the WA/SF game was enough to make me never give a cheer to WA. Didn't like the discrimination on tickets either (which I heard Denver did as well). I'm surprised someone hasn't started a class-action discrimination suit.


    I only watch if the Lions are in it......which hasn't happened in years......and prob never will untill Mr. Ford dies.

    My late husb was a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, so if they were in it, I might watch it.

    Or if Green Bay is in it.......I watch it.


    Not a big football fan then? Only team specific? I'll watch the SB because I just love the game. I'll always find a reason to root for a team if neither of my teams are playing in it. This year I will root for Denver because Payton deserves another ring just because he's an excellent QB.

    Feb 2nd ? That's my bro's b/day
    Know I now what he'll be doin' on his b/day....watching the Sup Bowl over at his son's house in FL. They're down there for 3 months every winter.

    Happy Birthday to your brother.

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