Anybody watching American Online?

    People seem to love to hate it. I'm watching it and they have had some good singers. I mean American Idol, of course.

    I have been spending the day trying to get untangled from American Idol. mcm, would you please post the question like this: I don't want to do it yet again. : )

    Anybody Watching American Idol?


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    aol has it's own TV show now ?

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    Yes, I watch American Idol. The three judges that they have are great! Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. are fair and polite. The rudeness that was Simon Cowell, no longer exists, which in my opinion, makes the show much better. The talent this year is absolutely top notch.


    Totally agree. Where have all those great singers been hiding? I am one behind and will watch it tonight. Harry Connick, Jr. Is pretty funny sometimes.

    Can the title of this be changed to ANYBODY WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL?

    No. We can't change that part of the question. I can only delete it and you could start over but we all understand now what we are talking about. lol

    True enough we understand one another. Unfortunatley, I've developed a bad habit because of my error. On the phone tonight I asked my daughter if she was watching AMERICAN ON LINE.

    "Say Whaaaat, Mom??"

    PS: Ducky, on my screen it looks like Julie's comment and the comments that go after hers is waaaay down below this comment. Can that be fixed? Can you scoot it up? Whata what!

    I’ve never heard of it. I don’t even know if I should change the channel……...


    I meant to say American Idol. I was slightly duhhh when I posed the question.

    I used to watch it religiously but stopped when Phil Phillips won over that great girl……….

    Jessica Sanchez?

    Good memory, Ducky! (I knew it AFTER you said it.)
    Julie, I think Jessica Sanchez did a great job of" I Will Always Love You"
    and all others.
    I liked Phil Phillips too. If we were both 17, he could escort me to the Junior Prom. <3

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