is there any evidence in the world that prove the reality of black magic?

    is there any evidence in the world that prove the reality or existence of black magic?

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    Black magic, voodoo, curses, all a part of what you want to believe. It’s only real if you allow it…...

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    Black magic is just another type of religion, designed by men to control people.

    Don't mess with religion.

    In the 16th century you would have been burned at the stake were you to operate a flash light in public. Although we use the terms "science" and "technology" to make all things once considered magical more acceptable, there are those who would enslave us in the dark by their denial and mistifying "National Secrets" to pursuade us to take up arms to fight imagined foes seeking to starve us from "essential-scarce" resources. 

    This is very real "Black Magic" in our world. We are all subject to its obscene lies. Most folk are sublimely ignorant in a lifestyle supporting their on-going generational ignorace. How could anyone know such unknowable things and live a saine, rational, ordinary life?.....but by not talking about it...whatever it is. It is the very dark mystery where the boogey-man thrives.   


    Darkling shadows are everywhere rg..well except where there shines astounding lightness...'scuse me while I get my shades..seems a tad bright around this neck of the woods! ;) xo

    The shadow government


    All magic is just an illusion. It's all slight of hand.


    No kidding mcm..remember that Cris Angel magician...they made him look like he was really walking on water...and disappearing all over and showing back up in crazy places...and it was all just illusion!

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    Wikipedia has this to say about Black Magic:     
    As for my opinion, if you believe in magic being more than sleight of hand, it's real for you.

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