I was leaving the hospital and... son, a friend, and I had just come from visiting BABY (6 lbs. 4 oz. 18 1/2 inches) in the NICU (a few complications from the home birth), and the elevator door opened for us (we're on the 4th floor).  There is my youngest son, come to visit his brother and newest nephew. The four of us ride up to 6th floor; I say my good-byes and the door closes.  The elevator starts to descend and then goes BUMP. 
    I'm stuck in an elevator.  Initially, I'm frantic, visions of plummeting to my death in a runaway elevator (although this one isn't moving); claustrophobia, and, all of a sudden, a tremendous regret I didn't use the restroom before leaving.
    I finally said a prayer (a favorite psalm and some personal words) and got my calm back (OK, I believe in prayer).  Then I sat down with my real estate tome and started reading.  40 minutes later, while I hear my sons laughing, I am rescued.


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    Good luck to baby David & sincere congrats to you Phyllis.

    11 Answers

    Been, seen done, threw my underwear in the bin.

    The baby sounds good, good luck GRANNY.

    You could have started a new diet…...



    I hope you did’t take this wrong, I just thought it was clever………..

    You get a lot more pidgeons in if you keep them all flying.

    Is the above picture supposed to be an added version of the 12 Days of Christmas ? ;-)


    T Y, Lindi for noticing my attempts at humor :-D

    <--laughing wildly at mycatsmoms comment

    MCM you have a delightful sense of humour...a precious commodity in this era for sure!!! ((big hug)) LL

    Sounds like a nerve racking end to a lovely day. Best wishes to you and your family, God bless the little baby boy.

    I bet in years to come, when the birth of the baby is discussed, this will surely be part of that story, so you will be memorialized by this bad experience.  Best wishes to all, hope they are healthy and happy. 


    New Daddy passed along the story to his dad, who wasted no time in giving me a bad time about it when we visited Baby David on Saturday. :D They joke I was featured on the 11 o'clock news.

    You were on the news!!!! I didn't see it. I usually watch the news, Dang!
    How was your hair and makeup? Always my big fear that I'll get caught undone. : )
    Congratulations on that new baby, Bob. (My grandma must have planted this fear in me)

    PS: Tommyh, My grandma Lyon said the very same thing to family members. She got hit by a car when she was mailing a letter in a rainstorm. SHE WAS OK. She did have to go to the hospital though ... you know what my 10-year-old mind wondered.

    Hahaha! Itsmee.You remind me of my mother in law."Always make sure you have clean underwear on when you go out in case you get hit by a car & end up in hospital".

    NO, I wasn't on TV; my kids like to tease me mercilessly! Good thing...NO MAKEUP

    Tommy: Not just clean ... I mean your good unders...We could call them THE Sunday Unders.
    I would probably get along just fine with your mother-in-law. Say "Hi" for me.

    Bob/PKG - Oh my I have never experienced this only going high up  from floor to floor and wondering if the door was about to open on a floor and who would be there. NO emergency bodily function facility ouch - never thought of this. All this on your special day and certainly no heaven here. Babies weight is just right - little little babies gain weight very quickly - congratulations to you and baby.      


    Thank you Poppy! He has all his fingers and toes, and looks ready to rule the world; we just need him to spend all his strength getting himself well.

    Bob/PKG - yeap you are right - stuck not a daily problem - good luck with this baby boy.

    Will keep you updated. Hopefully better news each day.

    First of all, congrats on the new baby! Enjoy.

    As to the elevator, oh yes, probably 5-6 times...lost count...worked in a building, going from 1st to 6th, all day, everyday and it's quite common, more than people realize. I am the one who calms others. The lights have always stayed on, there is always a telephone so...make the call and wait. (If I do go crashing to my death, it'll be over in seconds.)     :)


    Hope we will get to hold him in the next day or two. He is still in NICU and doing the best he can under the circumstances. :( Thanks for the good wishes.
    Not a big surprise you were the one to keep everyone from mass panic. The psalm and prayer really helped me (along with being able to hear my sons laughing their tushes off the whole time).

    Ducky - I noticed you had a birthday a little while ago, I saw this in passing - I do hope it was happy happy for you.

    Thank you poppy...I don't feel one bit older. :)

    Dis the elevator have a call button or phone button? It sounds as if you still had electric(lights)  When I still worked there were a few times folks were stuck on an elevator. Most folks did not freak! One time at the hotel some guests and an employee were stuck a couple hours.  The employee won a bonus for keeping the guests calm! Myself I would be freaking! Especially if in the dark! The baby sounds short and probably healthy! Any names yet??


    Yes, clu, fortunately the lights didn't go out. My sons could hear me yelling, and I found the phone and that helped me feel connected to someone.
    Baby's name is David Gauge (I told them the name Gage was spelled G-A-G-E, but it fell on deaf most of what I say).
    He is still in NICU and doing a little better.

    You're not gunna believe this but it happened to us on Wednesday night.We didn't get stuck but we went to our favourite chinese resturaunt for dinner.We got up there OK But on the way out the elevator was out of order.My son in law & me had to carry my daughter (Wheel chair & all) down 3 flights of stairs.I was puffing too much at the bottom to be annoyed.Of course we got enormous apologies from the resturaunt ownwer.We also arrived at the bottom to be welcomed by one of our famous evening thunderstorms & heavy rain.Just as well the dinner was nice.I think Susan enjoyed getting a little wet anyway.She used to love running around in the rain when she was a kid.


    I think the restaurant could have done a little more. A few complimentary dinners and drinks. I believe they could have sent some of the kitchen crew to help with the lifting. Good on you, Tommyh. Your daughter is very proud of you.
    Oh I wish it would rain here. We're in drought. I just can't imagine what's gonna happen to the farmers and the people who consume their crops. I don't like the earth all dry and cracked like it is. Terrible!

    A thunderstorm with a LITTLE rain would have been preferable!!

    Bob what a great story, even tho a horrifying experience. An element of it tickled me, but my God what an experience.  I personally am leary of elevators, but i still get on them if they look safe. I use to work in Embarcadero One in San Francisco on the 32 floor.  I was scared to go up every day and would only ride it if someone else was on it too.  One day i was late and just rode up by myself. That's the day i lost my fear of going up or down. But i did punch 2 floor numbers so it would not travel so fast.  Now my sister in Gilroy (a place we love) will not ride elevators at all because she got stuck once like you did. At kaiser when my dad was in hospital, she walked up and down stairs, and she saw him minimum 4 times a week, but would not get on elevator. Congrads of the new baby in your family!!!


    Yes, don't want to get on an elevator alone for a while, but sure I will. It's not a daily problem. Still need to get over to Gilroy to say hello!

    Bob email me re: gilroy

    Not working, and I took out the space. Your other address didn't work, either. :(

    I rode in the wheel chair with my tiny newborn baby boy was in my arms. Bliss.

    And then three years later I repeated that with my baby girl. Bliss Again.

    Later on Reading: I put my answer in the wrong place kinda. But it looks good! Good luck with that baby. I didn't live real near when our grand daughters were born. Oh babies smell soooo good. So good. <3 <3   PS: I will surely use the rest room before an elevator ride. You just never want to miss a chance.


    Blessings on the new arrival! I hope the baby leaves the NICU to come home soon. My story about being trapped in an elevator was 28 years ago. I was pregnant, in labor and the elevator got stuck. I was with an RN so I wasn't really too worried. My neighbor was with me and she's claustrophobic! The nurse pushed the button to get help and 20 mins. later the doors finally opened. Lots of people had gathered outside the elevator by this time. When the doors opened and everyone saw a pregnant me, they parted just like Red Sea. It was so funny.


    If you had been stuck in there with your hubby and I was outside the elevator doors, I probably would have said, when I saw you, "Wow, how long were you stuck in there for?" ;D

    LOL Colleen.

    Good story, witch way. Good laugh, Colleen.

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