How can I find out more about foreverjung, the photographer?

    one of the Photographers for Panoramio - Photo explorer

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    I could not find any information about contacting a photographer or how to find their page if they have one that may contain more information about them. The only thing I could find was how to track their photos. If you go to Panoramio's help page and see all the help topics, you may find something I missed >

    Finding a particular person's photos

    Panoramio doesn't offer search by photographer name. However, if you happen to see photographs that you like and mark the photographer as a favorite, you'll be able to find that person's photographs again. Here's how it works:

    1. When you see a photo that you like, click the person's name under the photos. You'll see the person's home page on Panoramio, with all his or her photos.

    2. Click the star next to Photos by. The star turns yellow.

    3. Go back to your personal (Your photos) page. The person's name will appear under your Favorites, so you can always click the name to find his or her photos. 

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