describe why an individual with dementia may be subjected to discrimination and opression

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    People fear what they do not understand, and they do not understand diseases that adversely impact the function of the mind. They also can't handle the underlying truth - that if it happened to that guy, it can happen to them, too.  

    The things that people fear, or that remind them of their fears, they will either ostracize or attack. 

    Fear turns panic into a self-defense strategy for many of us. Unfortunate, but true.


    That is a very good description of my father's attitude to my mother when she had Alzheimers. He could not understand that the young woman he married could deteriorate into an irrational and dependent being.

    It's sad when they can not comprehend what is going on with the one they love. That these people are powerless to what is happening to them. My mother had a brain tumor once. It gave her dementia type symptoms. When the tumor was removed and she healed and got her faculties back, she spoke of her experience and how she felt lost and trapped in her own body. How hard it was to even remember how to think let alone function. She was just there. She was somewhat aware but everything was clouded and nothing made sense. It's the scariest place to be. She says she would rather have died than to exist that way yet even then, she didn't know how to die. Everyone who has a loved one who suffers from dementia should join a support group so they can try and understand it so they can better care for their loved one and know they can expect very little from them and that they are powerless to stop what is happening to them.

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