do you believe that the court is the front line defender of the democracy , freedom and human dignity

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    No. Like any part of the government, the court system is corrupt as are most lawyers and judges. The front line defender of democracy, freedom and dignity is the 2nd amendment in my opinion. 


    Really?? Guns are the answer??

    The right to defend our rights against a corrupt government is the 2nd amendment. Hitler ran a corrupt government. He took the guns away from the people. 5 million people died. Obama is following Hitler's handbook on how to overtake and control the people. The 2nd amendment protect us from that. So yes, really.

    I certainly agree to the right to defend your rights but I have reservations about using guns to do it.Don't misunderstand me.I don't necessarily agree with Obama's tactics (Or Hitler's).I have seen guns in the hands of untrained people.Not all people are responsible enough to be trusted with guns unfortunately.

    Are you going to throw tomatoes at government troops that come to take your rights away? Do you trust your government so much that you just can't believe they would create a fighting force like Homeland security here in the USA who is not military so do not have to uphold the US Constitution? We fought a revolution against Britain with untrained fighters. If it ever came down to fighting homeland security forces, I don't think the worry would be if someone was responsible with a gun or not. He's be like the rest. He'd be using it to save his butt. Remember, my answer was I believe the 2nd amendment is the front line of defense when corruption takes over. Tomatoes will not cut it and neither will corrupt judges.

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