Does anybody shop at Trader Joe's? If so, what is/are your favorite thing(s) to buy?

    i love their blueberry bars and their 72% dark chocolate bars.

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    I shop at Trader Joes about 2 times a week. I buy kiwi fruit, bagged raw walnuts, eggs, yogurt, apples, olive oil. salads that average 3.99 each, chocolate dark (they say dark is good for you, bananas. don't get addicted but their olive oil potato chips are the best. I try not to buy them too often. In my area this store is always packed now, unless it before they close or real early in the am. oh yeah vitamins, cq10.

    No Trader Joe's in my area but they are certainly well known. I wish we had one.

    Clonge: I like many many items at Trader Joes. I've tried Orange Chicken (Yum) Japanese Rice (Yum)  Fruity Bran Muffins (Yum) Eggs (Free Range) Flowers (inexpensive) 72% chocolate Bars, Tortillas (Not so good but an ok dinner or lunch) 

    Everything is good there. The clerks are fun. Nice. Laugh a lot. I wish they had Trader Joes all over the place. I believe they are mostly in southern CA where people have more $$.  I shop there only occasionally.


    Never had th opportunity but get their weekly ads and enjoy reading them. T.J. is supposed to have killer coffee. Should I ever run across one here,  I'll give them a go. I don't care for dark chocolate though in spite of it's beneficial qualities.......

    Never heard of it . Is it mainly for shopping online?  I love dark chocolate, and blueberrys.


    No. Where do you live?

    Thanks for the link, Clongey .I live in S.E. Michigan . Guess I'll have to go up to Northville, Mich. and check it out. It's about 20--25 miles from here.

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