how do I re-install my favourites

    The section where my favourites were has disappeared

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    2 Answers

    Go-back is called called system restore on most computers here.

    I think your favorites might just be hidden. How do so many people lose their favorites? This is one of the most asked questions I think.

    Hold your cursor just above your address box (where the url address for the page you're on is found)There may not be a lot of space between it and the very top of the page so have your cursor right on the top of the line of the address box. Then right click on your mouse. You should see a small box with a list appear, if you see "menu bar", make sure there's a check mark next to it. You might also see "favorites" there, make sure there's a check mark next to it...if there's no check mark(s) just click on the word and a check mark will appear.
    If you have Go-Back you might try "Going Back" to an earlier log on time before you lost your favorite settings. Depends on what system your operating under. If not, try clicking on MY COMPUTER if you have Windows (Vista at my end) Maybe you can find the answer there.

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