What is in faucet water that turns white fur yellow & how to get it out?

    Hi everyone,

    I haven't been here awhile but Gracie got 2 different water fountains & just didn't compare to tub faucet :( She likes dunking her head now too!

    But now she has a yellow streak down her head & is now turning brown. I tried washing it out with soap but didn't work.

    Any ideas why faucet water turns her fur & how do I get it out?

    God Bless & MANY HAPPY NEW YEARS to come :)


    P.S. She will go with out water even though she has fresh spring water & cubes in her bowl. No, I'd rather have her use faucet than be without so much water.  Yes, I'm gonna spoil her to a point & this has nothing to do with question... I love how comments are thrown in that aren't asked for like  I'm 1 in a million that spoils their pet (or child) goes for both...

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    Keeping her away from faucet is "IMPOSSIBLE" I tried everything so I wouldn't have to keep getting down on my knees.

    I tried to google about this & I found it's a very common thing with cats & facets, LOL

    But I couldn't find any answers to get ? out of her fur.


    You are the one who is spoiling her. I know you claim she gets mad if she can't drink from the faucet. Survival would dictate otherwise if you turned the faucet off. The staining of the fur is caused by the mineral deposits in the water. It is a stain. It will wear off in time as long as her head is not constantly under the water. You can not wash the stain out. You will just have to accept it because you let her drink from the faucet.

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    Could be lime in the water. This is what is called hard water because of mineral build up in it. You can have a conditioner put on your main water line that will filter your water and soften it if you own your own home. I doubt a landlord will do it. Try replacing the faucet head. It's probably built up in it. Or get that lime-away stuff and soak the faucet head in it to remove the build up. This does not stop your water from being hard though. 

    Could be sulphur  in the water from the tap, try keeping Gracie away from it (not easy), the colour will eventually grow out.

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