Did anyone watch the Golden Globes Sun. night ? How did you like Julia Roberts dress, and Jacqueline Bisset's speech ?

    Jacquelin Bisset looked and sounded like she was about  5 sheets to the wind. One presenter said to the general audience, " Keep drinking "


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    these are 2 women i really like. julia is an actress and a half.  jacqueline has always been a class act, so it would take a lot for me to dislike how they dressed for an occasion or what they had to say. The dress is ok.  I'm going to look for j's speech.


    T Y , Tabber for your thoughtful answer ♥

    Julia Roberts wore this (nice) ordinary exposed body parts!

    Jacqueline Bissett's speech...she'll be embarrassed this morning!


    Saw the dress in the newspaper this morning. It is not attractive, in my opinion, although if anyone can pull it off, my vote would go to J.R.

    T Y , Ducky , for putting the pic on there.

    My evening was spent enjoying my two granddaughters, reading Berenstain Bears books, playing "Cootie", making decorations for Valentine's Day, and exchanging a million hugs.  
    PEOPLE magazine will probably have a nice article about all the clothes and bad behavior. "Keep drinking"?  Someone says that at every one of that type of show.  


    It sounds like you are really enjoying your grandkids Phil.Nice!

    Incredible little people! We walked to the fire station after church and had a quick tour, then hit the dollar store for some fun stuff, grocery store for lunch stuff. They probably walked over 1/2 mile (3 and 4 years old). I've got to get past my distaste of their mother and make myself go pick them up for more fun days. The younger one says she want to live with me (I am thinking that may happen).

    I hope it does happen.I think of my grand kids & how they want to be just like mummy (My daughter) and ..frankly I couldn't hold up a better example for them.It would be nice to think that your grandkids would have you to look up to.Enjoy Phil.

    Yes, I need to be more involved in their lives. Picking them up and dropping them off doesn't have to involve spending time with their mother. Thanks, Tom (I always love to hear about the times you have with your family. It sounds like the BEST)

    I consider myself the luckiest man in the world thanks to my relationship with my girls.

    And I feel lucky you are kind enough to share with us!

    I watched most of it. Didn’t get to enjoy Julia’s dress however. I did watch Jacqueline’s speech, all of it……….

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