what is a sekata insect

    a insect that appers every 12 years

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    Google "Photos of cicada" and you can see all kinds of cool pictures! 

    CICADA   ""

    ""This is a Cicada.


    I clicked on the image of the camera , but nothing came up :0(

    Rather blank faced! LOL:)     this link should give you an idea of what a cicada is..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I like to hear them sing! My 4 year old grandson found some of their shells under a tree and he was very impressed!

    The Cicada bug is common in summer,especially in August but can be found in July and in September as well. There are about 250, 000 different species of this bug throughout the world. They are sometimes called "locusts". It prefers warm climates. It is able to makes really loud noise which is easily heard by human ears. This "noise" or "song' is how they attract mates. It is brown colored beetle usually found by large trees. It apparently will grow out of its shell like body and leave it behind. It exists it's body through its back and will then create is new one. Cicadas do not cause any harm to people. As amatter of fact, some people like to eat them especially in other cultures. They can cause damage to plants and trees.

    My mom always called them locusts. Never heard the word cicada till the last few years. Maybe it depends on what part of the country you live in . She came from Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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    Hey cherryBomb,they are also called cherrynose in Aussie

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