I received a notice that there had been a change in my application status. I cannot log in. I was given a new password (I lost the original), and it doesn't work, even though I copied and pasted it correctly. I also don't have my Membership Number, as the application paper was not returned to me at my interview. I have been trying for two days now. What do I do now? Loralee Monro, User ID 7985A2, password yCaVUa2%

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    nice, nice

    u don't put up on internet your REAL user name and password and user id u can get tracked and people will know where u living so don't do that again!

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    Listen to the kid! This is an open worldwide general question and answer forum. We are not the company you are trying to reach. You're lucky you did not list their name because you posted your log in information and anyone who knows it can access your account. 

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