When you go to the movie theater, what treat do you buy? (Perhaps I should say "did you buy?" Some of us don't go to the theater.

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    The rare times i go. i enjoy a small three course meal while watching the movie with Cuppaccino of course.:)


    Just a dainty little meal with a lace cloth and a candle glowing.Huh? Just a small whole chicke? A small chocolate cake? Of course, some soup.I'm smiling. : )

    Are you one of those people who keeps stepping on my feet, to go out and get more food? lol

    So that's how the french fry got tangled in my hair : ) The back and forth trips, yanno?

    i knew this would cause a stir, i'm sure you would have selected theatres set up, to watch your favourite movie with private booths with a small table, the usherette periodically serves you what you have ordered from a menu before being seated, you can have bubbly if so desired, they are called Gold Seats which obviously cost more than a normal ticket, it is a great way of watching a movie.:)

    I'm saving up my dollars
    for a Gold Seat Ticket!
    Join me for a bubbly? : )
    Lets us make a grand stir, sir.
    Bulletman: I saw a story about those
    elegant theaters right after you mentioned
    it to me.

    Always a dog, gotta be a dog.


    nice, nice

    wow but do u like hotdogs so much! do u buy hotdogs all the time!

    I like them occasionally, especially a chilli dog.
    nice, nice

    well i just love to eat popcorn! especially the butter one!

    I'll bet a hot dog costs $12.00 at the show.

    Last one I bought was £5.00, around $8.50

    $8.50 for me in the U.S?

    At todays rates yes.
    I don't know how much they cost in the States now.


    I bring something like this.

    Image result for pic of apple

    Boring, I know.   :)

    nice, nice

    so u bring fruits! a little!

    Food allergies MAKE me eat healthy!

    More like a skin flint. lol.

    Truthfully, I don't like the amount they charge for food at the movies (or sporting events) but I used to buy it anyway...nothing like movie popcorn! :)

    Popcorn - no butter.


    Movie "popcorn butter" WAS the best part, for me. :)

    I think that's coconut oil ... or something. People can clog their arteries during the movie. : )

    I’m with ROMOS, I like a theater kind of hot dog. Can’t make them at home to taste quite like they do………..


    Julie ~ I'm almost drooling for one! OMG ~ I don't even eat hot dogs. EVER. But those days are over I'm going to the theater and have a hot dog and a coke (real coke, not that diet stuff) Yummmm.

    Now I want a chewy, aged, mustard ladened dog. thank you very much……….
    nice, nice

    jhharlan i was waiting so long to talk to u how are things?

    Honey, this isn’t a chat room. Chatting is discouraged here. Wait ’til you get to know the other members and they to know you and perhaps you can exchange emails……….
    nice, nice

    but i don't have a email i made up this on i can't go on fb or twitter because who i work with they blocked off those sites!

    Patients. Good things come to those who wait………..
    nice, nice

    i know but they blocked off those sites and my phone fell so this is the only place i know that i can talk to people!

    i buy popcorn and stuff like that! u know what people like to buy at a movie theater haven't been there in a long time!

     I have made a meal of popcorn on more than one occasion. Buy the biggest one, drench with fake buttery substance, and refill before leaving.  I used to take the refill to my Mom.
    No more, though. I've read (and believe) the cost of movie popcorn has a 1,000% markup. 
    "" ""


    That's a lot. They have a lot of overhead too. What is that fake buttery stuff? Is that coconut oil?

    I truly don't know, but my personal thought is coconut oil would be too expensive (but I've never bought coconut oil, and have no idea how expensive it is. I'll try to find out and post another comment here when I do. :D
    itsmee: coconut oil, high in trans fat is what this article claims, and also explains what the "butter" often is. It states there is often MSG and the corn is one of the most genetically modified foods around. The prepopped corn has to be stored, so now we're dealing with chemical preservatives.

    lol ... Well, I asked.

    I had to look....never again. :(

    My daughter is big into juicing. She's seen the documentary Forks Over Knives and, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead ... Some others. She's afraid of food. That's not good. She's very healthy at present.
    Juicing isn't the answer because of the high amount of pesticide you'd take in. I dunno. I'm not going to watch those documentaries. She has warned me ... I warn you.

    Heart doctor recommended The Mediterranean Diet for me. At Barnes and Noble, I bought a cookbook (no pictures ?) and "The Mediterranean Diet for Dummies". I am convinced it is a healthy choice, especially for one with health concerns like mine.
    Recently, I saw an article that claimed "drinking" a meal was not as satisfying as "eating" a meal. I have enjoyed a morning smoothie for years. Will probably continue to do so and carry a healthy snack with me for mid morning when school starts next week.

    All this talking about diet is making me feel fat. I think I just refuse to put my mind to it. Maybe I'll get weighed tomorrow.

    If the movie goers support by buying these "GOLDEN" popcorn, sure the'll take your money. If the sales go down, the tenant goes and the landlord has no choice but to be reasonable in rent. Movie experience should not CLEAN your wallet.

    I LOVE MY CADBURY Fruit and Nuts that I carry with me. 

    I don't buy anything, b/c it's all too expensive. I bring a granola bar or something. And I sneak a soda into the bag that my cusion is in. I don't go to the show after 6pm, b/c it cost too much.


    You sneak your "cousin" in inside your bag?
    Two for the price of one
    will double your fun, fun, fun ...
    (That poem thing again)

    itsmee, I didn't say "cousin " . Read it again.

    i like popcorn, candy covered almonds, hot dog. Yummy yummy, now you make me want to go see a movie.  I want to see HER . . . comes out tomorrow friday the 10th.

    nice, nice

    what is it about? (the movie)

    Have not been to a movie since Crocodile Dundee,and the hamburger was fine..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.., too expensive 

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